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Prepaid Vouchers

Take advantage of incredible savings for volume purchases. Volume purchases allow for multiple employees from the same company to take classes when needed. Your account balance of credits purchased is debited every time an employee takes a class:

Prepayment Effective Discount on List Prices Credit Towards Classes
$3,000 25% $4,000
$5,000 28.5% $7,000
$7,000 36.3% $11,000
$9,000 40.0% $15,000

To purchase vouchers, either call us at 800-716-4324, or submit the form below.

The following conditions apply:

  • Discounts are applied to class price when credits are redeemed
  • Discount can not be combined with other offers (packages, coupons, group discounts, etc.)
  • Discounts are not applicable to onsite or other customized training
  • The credits are only applicable to classes held at AcademyX, not at partner facilities in Los Angeles and San Diego
  • The credit is non-refundable after the first class has been attended
  • Cancellation, reschedule, and no-show policies for individual classes still apply
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