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Unemployed, Students, Self-Employed and Non-Profits

We offer 40% off for job seekers and students, 30% off for self-employed individuals, and 20% off for non-profit employees. Note that unemployed job seekers can alternatively apply for 100% government-funded training through our sister company, www.academyx.net, which is a state-approved eligible training provider under the Workforce Investment Act. More...

Prepayment Credits

Organizations can prepay for training credits to be shared among their employees. Based on the amount purchased, the discount can be up to 40% until the prepayment is exhausted. More...

Group Discounts and Class Combo Packages

We offer discounts when groups of multiple students attend the same class and register in the same transaction. We also offer packages including multiple levels of the same topic (e.g., Photoshop Fundamentals and Advanced) or related topics (e.g., HTML and Dreamweaver) are often available for a reduced price when purchased as a package. More...

Note: discounts may not be applied retroactively to previous registrations, nor may they be combined. Discounts do not apply towards classes at our partner facilities (e.g., San Diego or downtown LA)