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40% Off for the Unemployed and Students

We offer a 40% discount on all open enrollment classes to job seekers and those attending school full-time. To establish eligibility for the unemployment discount, either fax or email any of the following to us:

Please include your phone number, and we'll give you a call back to register you with the discount.

30% Off for Self-Employed Individuals

This discount is for self-employed contractors and entrepreneurs. To establish eligibility, either fax or email any of the following to us:

20% Off for Non-Profits and Schools

Employees of non-profit organizations and educational institutions receive 20% off. To register, just add the coupon code "non-profit" into your shopping cart before adding more classes. To be eligible, your email address must end in ".org" or ".edu".

Note: Discounts may not be combined with other offers nor be applied retroactively. Discounts cannot be applied to privately organized group or one-on-one training sessions nor to the few classes held at our partner facilities (e.g., classes in Los Angeles or San Diego).

The Unemployed may also Qualify for Government-Funded Training:

AcademyX has a separate sister corporation that offers computer training funded by government programs. California residents who are currently unemployed, underemployed or dislocated may qualify for government-funded training under the federal Workforce Investment Act (WIA) of 1998.

Training courses include Microsoft and Adobe applications, web development, online marketing, and more.

The first step is to review the programs available at this site: www.academyx.net. Then contact AcademyX at 800-716-4324.