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Price: $695 for two days
Time: 9am - 4pm
Held at: 601 Montgomery St. #409
San Francisco, CA 94111
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CSS Advanced Training - San Francisco

The widespread benefits of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) continue to emerge as websites migrate away from HTML design tactics toward CSS styles.

CSS designs have superseded multi-nested HTML table layouts, so that now, a simple stylized list replaces the image-heavy, JavaScript-burdened navigation table.

From buttons to forms, CSS gives you an army of tools and tactics to conquer outmoded, complicated, and frustrating HTML—all the while sharpening your overall site design.

Using a hands-on approach to learning, this CSS Advanced class in San Francisco course helps you master a multitude of techniques. After completing this class, you will know how to:

  • Better appreciate the control CSS offers for web page design
  • Eliminate excessive tables, images, and HTML code
  • Structure your HTML for device and design independence
  • Format various layouts using CSS
  • Designate whether a multi-column design should flex or stay fixed
  • Employ a "sliding-door" technique to round the corner of boxes
  • Call attention to special photos and images with drop shadows
  • Alter the appearance of different types of links
  • Create rollover buttons without HTML images
  • Customize lists with your own bullets
  • Take advantage of CSS to make navigation bars from lists
  • Add either vertical or horizontal navigation to your site
  • Convert unfriendly HTML tables into sophisticated data displays
  • Update your registration forms for ease of use and improved design
  • Designate a print stylesheet for your web page
  • and many more topics...See full outline for our CSS Advanced class

CSS Advanced Class Reviews:

Rated 4.6/5 based on 30 student reviews.

"Incredible! This was such a great class! I learned so much, and [the trainer] was an amazing teacher—his descriptions/explainations of the way CSS works really broke through the confusion."
- , Williams-Sonoma Inc.

"The training was excellent! I learned a lot and will definitely be able to apply all of the curriculum to my own needs and my clients needs."
- , CSS Advanced Class

"It was great. Very relevant, useful info. It was really a good culmination of all the classes I've taken."
- , Williams-Sonoma Inc.

* Note: This class description is for our CSS Advanced class in San Francisco. We also offer CSS Advanced classes in Sacramento, San Jose, San Diego, and Los Angeles.

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