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Price: $595 for two days
Time: 9am - 4pm
Held at: 601 Montgomery St. #409
San Francisco, CA 94111
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CSS Fundamentals Training - San Francisco

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a vital aspect of web development and offers numerous advantages to designers. Whereas HTML defines the content of web pages - headings, paragraphs, footers, and so on, CSS adds formatting to that content - what fonts, colors, and layout should be used.

Because the content (HTML) is conveniently separated from the presentation (CSS), you can manage the appearance of a multi-hundred-page website using just a few stylesheets.

AcademyX's hands-on, instructor-led CSS training helps you master a multitude of stylesheet techniques.

After completing our CSS training in San Francisco, you will know how to:

  • Structure your HTML to work correctly with CSS
  • Create page-specific and sitewide stylesheets
  • Set the default colors for the document and its various types of content
  • Define the preferred font and font size for the various elements on your pages
  • Control the appearance of hyperlinks on the site
  • Adjust paragraph properties such as line height and text alignment
  • Select an image to be used as a bullet in a list
  • Assign and position a background image for the web page
  • Manipulate the border around an object
  • Modify something based upon its placement in the HTML, such as the links used within the navigation bar
  • Recognize and avoid common design problems like font size disasters
  • Employ CSS to wrap text around an image or paragraph
  • Establish a single-column design with a header, main content and footer
  • and many more topics... See full outline for CSS Fundamentals training

CSS Fundamentals Training Reviews:

Rated 4.6/5 based on 14 student reviews.

"This was a great course that was well thought out which made the material approachable and comprehensible."
- , Williams-Sonoma Inc.

"The training was awesome! I learned so much and the pace and depth of instruction were superb."
- , Blanc & Otus

"Fantastic! [The trainer] is an amazing teacher. Great clear instruction, loved following the book in a linear order. I liked how [she] gives overall global big picture/heads-up introductions to new ideas before diving into the nitty griddy. This was very helpful for me to navigate new ideas. The class pacing was perfect. I got great individual attention on specific work errors. Love her enthusiasm, patience, and hip teaching."
- , Paradizo Dance

* Note: This class description is for CSS Fundamentals training in San Francisco. We also offer CSS Fundamentals training in Sacramento, San Jose, Los Angeles, and San Diego.

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