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Price: $250 for one day (or two evenings)
Time: 9am - 4pm (or 6pm - 9pm)
Held at: 601 Montgomery St. #409
San Francisco, CA 94111
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Excel for Mac Intro Training - San Francisco

For PC users, we also offer an Excel Intro class for Windows.

With an unrivaled set of mathematical and statistical functions, secure information sharing tools, and charting and graphic abilities, Microsoft Excel is the leader in spreadsheet applications for both business and home use. In our Excel training for Mac in San Francisco, our top-notch instructors, equipped with real-world, hands-on experience, will help you so that right away you can apply practical and valuable skills to your projects. This class is geared specifically towards Mac users, so that you can get the most out of your version of this powerful program. Using Excel 2011, you will learn:

  • Navigating and customizing the Excel interface, cells and rows
  • Creating a basic worksheet in Excel
  • Performing calculations by creating, inserting and reusing formulas
  • Editing, finding, replacing and manipulating data
  • Stylizing data with fonts, colors and more
  • Printing workbooks and defining page layouts
  • and much more! See our full outline for Excel for Mac training

Excel for Mac Intro Training Reviews:

Rated 4.7/5 based on 79 student reviews.

Great foundational/basic class for beginning users. Instructor was patient and incredibly warm.

Very helpful and informative. The instructor was very patient and detailed but most of all a pleasure to learn from.
- , Sereno Group , Los Altos

The training was wonderful! Instructor was great. He made the class interactive, fun and engaging. I was not bored once! I appreciated his positivity and willingness to pause and help if we had a question.
- , San Francisco Hillel
I learned a lot and I'm relieved and hopeful to finally know some super important Excel tricks and other things I never knew!

The overall training in the course was fantastic. It was perfectly paced, and the small size of the class (3 people including myself) allowed for whatever questions I had, and time to actually master the aspects of Excel.

It was very informative, and seems pretty customizable. My instructor was very knowledgable and could easily guess what would be the most useful for our different fields.
- , Neo@Ogilvy

Very informative and clear, it was very helpful to learn all of the short cuts for Mac
- , Tata Communications , Burlingame

Very in depth and helpful for an intro course.
- , Bleacher Report
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* Note: This class description is for our Excel Intro training for Mac. Check out our Excel Intro training for Windows.

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