Student FAQ

Q: What is your free retake policy?

A: One free retake of a class is offered to anyone who subscribes to our newsletter, which contains upcoming free classes, special offers, and tips & tricks. Our free retake terms are as follows:

Q: Can I sign up the day of the class?

A: Yes, if there is space available. However, we recommend you sign up in advance to reserve your space in class.

Q: Do you cancel classes?

A: On rare occasions we do cancel classes due to low enrollment. However, we can run classes with as few as two students. In the event that classes are cancelled we will notify you by both phone and email. You will be given the opportunity to reschedule the class to a later date or receive a full refund.

Q: What is your student cancellation and reschedule policy?

A: Basically, you can't cancel at the last minute more than once. Our full cancellation and reschedule policy can be found here.

Q: What is your average class size?

A: Our class size range from 2 to 12 students. The average class size is 5.089 students.

Q: When are the class breaks or lunch?

A: Class normally runs from 9am to 4pm with short breaks usually at 10:30am and 2:30pm. Lunch break is at 12-1pm.