Terms and Policies

Reschedules Fees: $25 / $50 / $100

If you need to reschedule a class, we charge a fee for each class rescheduled since it involves a fair amount of work on our end and can impact the scheduling of other classes. The fee is dependent on how much notice you give us:

Additionally, if you notify us less than a week before the class starts (a "late-reschedule") or fail to appear for the class, we can no longer offer refunds and your spot in the rescheduled class is only reserved on a space-available basis. For example, if your class starts on Tuesday at 9am then the deadline to cancel it and receive a refund is before 9am on the Tuesday of the prior week. For normal (i.e., not late) reschedules, after a student reschedules a class for the 2nd time, they must contact us 3 days before the class they'd like to take, and we can put them in it on a space-available basis.

Cancellations - Require 7 Days' Notice

If you need to cancel a class, we will give you a full refund as long as you give us at least 7 days' notice of the cancellation. If, however, you notify us less than one week before the class (a "late-cancellation"), we do not offer refunds and you only qualify for a late-reschedule under the terms above. Re-registering for a class you had canceled and been refunded is considered a reschedule and incurs the relevant fee above.

Withdrawals - Do It Within 3 Hours

Students attending a class may withdraw from it, except when they have late-rescheduled, after instruction has started and before 3 hours has elapsed, and receive a full refund provided their reason is dissatisfaction with the class.

Class Rescheduling by AcademyX

We reserve the right to reschedule classes due to insufficient enrollment, instructor emergencies or other unforeseen circumstances. If a student cannot attend on the rescheduled date, they will be offered a full refund. Classes with 3 or fewer students may be conducted via videoconference with a remote instructor.