AcademyX Reviews & Testimonials

We pride ourselves in the fact that our clients appreciate the quality of our classes. Here are some comments from our course evals:

It was a great class! I'm starting a new job and really feel that I'm more prepared than when I initially came into the class.

Yvelle L. Green

Very informative and actually a lot of fun. made excel not seem so intimidating anymore. Feel way more confident now to use in my office.

Yolanda Rushworth
Laughlin, Falbo,Levi & Moresi LLP

Better than anticipated - the instructor was able to move at an advanced pace while still being able to ensure that each student followed along. The teacher was able to provide 1 on 1 training whenever necessary and welcomed questions as much as possible.

Michael Vigil

I took XML training at Academy X last spring, and was very pleased with the thorough hands-on training. I was fortunate to have an instructor who took the time to ensure I understood each lesson before we moved ahead, and was given a comprehensive training. The classes are really small and personal. My instructor really knew what she was teaching, and I felt that I absorbed a lot of it. :) ... They're eager to work with us here at Chiron and are willing to customize classes or come on site to do training as well.

Julie Nelson

I believe your ASP training will become quite beneficial to Jenny and me in the (near) future! We appreciate all that was offered in the class and look forward to letting you know how we're able to apply it!

Brent Yager
AT&T Wireless

Thanks for the great JavaScript training yesterday! We thoroughly enjoyed it.

Tze-Chiu Lei
American President Lines

I really liked your school [and the instructor]. I think your classes are easy to follow and I like your teaching techniques.

Rachel Garcia

PS - You were an awesome teacher. With the background you gave me I've been able to breeze through my Unix/c program!

Karen Katz

You did a great job, thanks a lot. I used to be a trainer myself, so I know a good one when I see one!

Jerry Ridge

The course was excellent today... I really enjoyed [the instructor's] intro course which was absolutely NOT too simplistic - it helped fill out many details that I'd lived without but now it's nice to know...your product is EXCELLENT...even the small number of courses i go to go on were excellent - [the instructor] does a great job.

Glynn Evans
Independent Contractor

Once again, I am really pleased that I was able to get my site up so quickly after taking the Academy X classes.

Jeff Falls

I really enjoyed the beginning HTML class I took with you guys!

Trisha Pritikin

I took an In-Design class at AcademyX, and followed it up with a private session with the instructor....and they were both extremely helpful. Both the staff at AcademyX and the instructor were professional and accommodating. I would highly recommend them for classroom and private one-on-one instruction.

Sheri Forrest

I established my own business because of AcademyX and now I'm working with restaurants, dental offices, a hospital designing their web sites. When I came here I knew nothing about HTML, but now it works for me!

Serge Santos
Annual Pass Holder

AcademyX has a terrific mix of instructors, facilities, and technology to make the learning experience cost-effective and fun!

David Barry
Trust MLS

[The instructor] is my new HERO! Thank you so much for helping me out - you went ABOVE and BEYOND the call of duty. I will definitely check out your site and see about taking that class. Thanks again!

F. Manners
Strategy M

I wanted to send you a quick note to thank you again for your wonderful Fundamentals of PHP class that I attended back in November. Since then, I've been busy reworking our static website into a dynamic one, based on MySQL and PHP. I don't know if my training budget will handle it, but if so, I plan to return for an advanced class if you're teaching it. Kudos to you for taking time to address my particular concerns in class, and making the entire experience fun.

Karl Dandenell
Celera Diagnostics

Training was excellent. We all absolutely loved [the instructor] - he was very knowledgeable and personable. I was shocked how everyone in the class was so motivated to learn and I think [the instructor's] teaching style had a lot to do with it!

Becky Grosser
Digital Insight

I enjoyed the Excel class. Your presentations were very informative and EASY to comprehend. I'm glad the class was so small. It gave us all an opportunity to ask questions and take advantage of more one-to-one training.

Sandy Hedrick
Midwest Sign & Screen

I was MORE than impressed with [the HTML & Dreamweaver instructor's] knowledge of the material, of the field, and most importantly, her ability to explain things in a clear manner. I've since told people about AcademyX, and personally recommended [the instructor]. She is my new "web idol" (lol). I don't know if this means anything other than a pat on her back, but I wanted to let you know you've got an AMAZING instructor.

Marcques Johnson
6 Month Pass Student

Thank you for sponsoring an excellent course. It was fascinating, interesting, extremely challenging, and completely worthwhile. I definitely came away with a much clearer understanding of the subject matter. Apache/PHP/MySql is extremely complex and I can now see that it will be a long road to mastering these tools. I can't think of a better or more thorough introduction to set one off on that journey than the class we just completed.

Stephen Gonzales
Webmaster, the Gladstone Institute

I found the class very helpful. [The instructor] is extremely knowledgeable on the subject, patient and helpful. She tailored the class to her audience and shared much of her own code solutions which represents years of experience. I would recommend this class to anyone.

Marlene Waite
Lawrence Livermore National Lab

I took your PHP/MySQL/Apache course last week. I was very pleased with the course. [The instructor] quickly determined our knowledge levels and then geared the course to them so that we didn't spend time on things we already knew. Instead she introduced new tools and methods, and focused on areas which we were weak in. I am the Systems Administrator here at the MBL and so have to deal on a server level with PHP/MySQL/Apache. [The instructor] answered all my questions - she's great! I came away from the course with knowledge of tools that will make my job much easier and with a good understanding of PHP and integrating with MySQL. I have already started to implement some of the changes. I have recommended to others here that they take the course with Lauren, and that we look into other courses that you offer.

Pam Fournier
Marine Biological Laboratory

So far this [Dreamweaver class] is as good a class as I've been to, and I've been to a lot. Good Job!

Craig Stevenson
Potlatch Corp.

Thank you so much for setting up the special course in ASP.NET during the Christmas holidays as well as the follow up course in ASP.NET 2.0 using C# with VISUAL STUDIO 2005. I was very pleasantly surprised to have a superior course taught by a superior instructor. You definitely provide the highest quality computer training in the world.

Yvonne Rubio
Lockheed Martin Enterprise Information Systems

The Java Fundamentals class from AcademyX has really helped me advance my career as a Content Engineer. The lessons learned in class were directly applicable to my work environment and I was immediately able to use what I learned. I highly recommend this class for anyone looking to get into Java/JSP quickly

Chris Colinsky

I just wanted to let you know that it was great learning from you during the course, and thanks for teaching us all your secrets... I've been playing around with some Flash stuff and working on my agency's new site.

Harris Rashid
Web Designer Program graduate

You guys were integral to my understanding of web design and the language behind it. I'm going to be building the online magazine for the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute and can't wait to use this.

Alana Levinson

I find the classes at Academy X [to] be comprehensive and the trainers are highly talented, are responsive to their trainees' needs, so no one is left behind, without losing momentum. I intend to continue taking classes with you, and may even decide to enroll in an entire course of study... Thanks so much to you and your team for the excellent job they do. I will sing your praises to all my colleagues

Alice Luchau
Kaiser Permanente

The Perl instructor really knew his stuff and was a good teacher. It was a good class and even though I struggled with it a bit, the guys all got a lot out of it.

Jill Williams
Affinity Web Hosting

The class really helped get my butt in gear. I learned a lot, and I hope to use my new web design skills more. My friend is planning a wedding, so I'm going to help her out with a web site. We'll see what the future holds... hopefully my dream job will include some web design.

Katrina Firenze
Web Designer Program Graduate

The class was perfect and has launched me into a whole need career. Being in the high-tech industry for over 28 years, I am finding a new passion in the web design world and this has open several doors for me. You have covered the most important software programs and topics in very intense but useful classes with very qualified and experienced instructors who kept our interest in a comfortable and professional environment. I would highly recommend the web design program to anybody who wants to expand their knowledge base into the web industry.

John Campos
Web Designer Program Graduate

Thanks very much for spending the day with me yesterday teaching Perl. I enjoyed our class and learned a lot of great technical knowledge as well as perspective on programming. I'll recommend your classes to people here at work. The things you taught me will help me greatly in my job here at Ofoto and beyond.

Armen Alexanian

I also wanted to briefly let everyone at AcademyX know how much I enjoyed the ASP course series. The course series was thorough and challenging. [The instructor] is extremely knowledgeable and made the course series quite enjoyable. He delivered the course activities in a way that not only taught you the concepts, but made them applicable to real-world situations.

Kevin Reed
Memphis City Schools

I wanted to write a note to you to let you know how impressed I was, once again, by the quality of staff that you have at AcademyX. [The instructor] was thoroughly knowledgeable in PHP and MySQL. Every question raised was answered clearly, in a way that revealed his impressive experience in the subject. He also displayed a genuine concern that everyone in the class (despite our differing experience levels) understood all the material. This involved a staggering amount of running around the room for three days and constantly checking in on everyone's progress. But neither his energy nor his knowledge ever failed him. I learned the answers to questions that I haven't found anywhere else.

Ted Walther
6 Month Pass Student

Thank-you so much for the extra help. It [PHP Intro] was one of the best classes I've ever taken!

Willis Cook

The [ASP.Net] workshops were great--just what we needed. The instructor was excellent!!! Many thanks.

Brian Shafer
Haas Berkeley School of Business

Thanks again for the [ASP.Net] class, it was really informative and the timing was perfect!

Tricia McGillis

I really enjoyed your Photoshop class last week. It's really made me want to go more into design.

Janice Singh
6 Month Pass Student

I just wanted to thank you for your extraordinary teaching and conversation over the last two weeks. AcademyX is lucky to have you, and I feel lucky that I got to spend some time with you. The combination of a detailed knowledge of a subject and the ability to explain it is very rare, and really wonderful.

6 Month Pass Student

Thanks for the informative and well-planned lecture on careers in the web. I'm sure it will help me as I look to build my web design and authoring business.

Sheila Wood
Short Bird Studios

The class on Search Engine Optimization was excellent! I learned many subtle but important aspects to include on our web site and the teacher was quite knowledgeable and generous with his insight. It was a superb investment and we've already started implementing several of his recommendations.

Rick O'Herron
AmberPoint, Inc.

[The Java instructor] was a great teacher. He used excellent judgment on when to stay on the curriculum and when to veer off. His occasional anecdotes made what could be a very dry topic exciting ... He has a knack for relating the "topic at hand" to real world examples. I read all the way home on the plane and felt like I was finally understanding the concepts. Very much worth the time and money.

Bob Howell
Provident Bank

Did I mention that I LOVE [the web design program instructor]? Thanks again for offering the web design series. It was a great introduction to the world of the web! I'm really enjoying the classes so far.

Mike Pfeffer

AcademyX offered easily one of the best training courses I had ever taken. The worked at a perfect pace and implemented a very effective traning style that helped me not only learn new information, but retain it as well. I would highly recommend this course.

Don Ho

Thanks for a great class. You are a great teacher. I really feel like I got to understand the logic behind the code... :-)

Christopher Robinson
Personal Trainer

We have made a lot of progress on our java based consumer software application since completing your Java fundamentals class. In fact, we are just testing the product activation feature that you helped design during your class! It is working very well. The product versioning you recommended is also in place. So the java class is already paying dividends. Not only will our product be more user friendly, our business is now a lot more scalable - never expected to get that much out of a Java fundamentals class!

Ted Kasten

Thanks for accommodating me in yesterday's Perl Intermediate class. I really enjoyed the class and wanted to give you the feedback. I learnt a lot and hopefully I can build upon this knowledge for the 2nd part of Perl Intermediate class as well as the Perl Advanced class.

Neeraj Sethi
ABM Electronic Services

I was VERY surprised how much I learned at the HTML/CSS class. [The instructor] really taught an old dog a few new tricks! I am looking forward to taking the advanced CSS class.

Mark Edwards

Thanks! I am so happy about my new job. You are a GREAT instructor... and I hope I can start back soon.

Rachel Garcia
Game Eagle

I just wanted to thank you once again to the HTML Into class. I found it to be very informative and useful. I consider my computer literacy to be improved by around 15% thanks to you. Knowing the source behind a web page really opens things up. I will not only be using what I learned in the Intro HTML class on the job but also for my personal projects as well.

Ethan Merrit

I just took the XML classes from you this week. I just wanted to say thank you for teaching the class. You are a great instructor. The class ran at a good pace, the material flowed well and the examples were helpful. I ran out of class yesterday before mentioning this to you. So, thanks again.

Susan Andrews
UC Berkeley

I came away from the class with many real-life examples to start using right away. The instructor was thorough and explained everything in easy-to-understand terms. I will be more efficient and more marketable because of this training. I wish I had taken this class years ago!

Kelli Sussman
Consistent Image Web Design

I took the Dreamweaver Intro class. It was really, really good. I think best one-day class I ever took, and you can quote me on that. I went away the next day and put up a web site.

Nicolette Toussaint
Lightbridge TV Productions

Thank you again for your flexibility today. [The instructor] was extremely helpful today with multiple items, and we will certainly keep you in mind as a future resource!

Jane Pak
Canadian Consulate

With your instruction I was finally able to figure out my problem... We are now on track (at least I hope so) and I greatly appreciate your help. [The instructor] is so knowledgeable and completely goes out of her way to help us troubleshoot. And she assists us without making us feel incompetent. It has been a "life saver" to take Academy X classes; we can't wait to learn more.

Eileen Illia-Birk
California Interscholastic Federation

I got good feedback [from our employees] about your course, and we may want to come back for more! Many Thanks!

Debra Wolfe

AcademyX is our number one choice for training.

Sheryl Guillory

Again, I would like to say the class was a great springboard into the PHP/MySQL world of web programming, etc. I really learned a lot.

Jim Marchetti
Pacific Tides Design

I really enjoyed the Fast Track HTML class I took. I am interested in taking the intermediate HTML class. I enjoyed learning from [the instructor] and walked away with lots 'o info. Keep me posted.

Shannon Stevens
Independent Contractor

Just wanted to thank you once again for the intro to PHP. I found it to be very informative and useful and I really enjoyed your class. I have more understanding about PHP after taking your two days class. The instructor for PHP class was extremely helpful with multiple items, and we will certainly keep you in mind as a future resource!. I will certainly tell others about your courses and programs offered. Thanks again.

Hengameh Alikashani

I have not had a spare moment to mess with the new web page to come, but I can assure you that I learned a lot! A friend of mine is going to take the flash class in Jan. and I referred another friend who might pick up a class or two.

Alissa P.
Independent Contractor

Thanks again. You did a great job; [the instructor] was very helpful and knowledgeable. I will certainly tell others about your courses and programs offered.

Julie DeYoung

I took your Intro to Dreamweaver class last Wednesday. I just wanted to let you know how organized I thought you were. Your presentation was well thought out. I have tried to explain things to a group of people before. Before I knew it, I was off on some tangent explaining something else. Your class had students that were on many levels. We all left the class knowing we had learned something. Congratulations and thanks.

Bill F. Masters
League of Volunteers

I just wanted to say thanks for the Inter. HTML class. I REALLY enjoyed it and the teacher was great. I'd been fumbling through HTML coding for sometime, making webpages, absorbing coding knowledge here and there. One day at Academy X could have saved me a lot of time. The teaching is exceptional!

Geoff Fleming
Craig's List

At AcademyX, clear overviews, open discussion, and practical exercises saved me time in learning what DHTML, CSS, and XML can and can't do for Web developers.

Jill Shermer
Independent Contractor

Thanks again for the class! It was extremely helpful/challenging and [the instructor] was a great teacher! I'll be working on my tables for the next year or so (just kidding). Seriously, thanks again!

Bryan Goski
Craig's List

I found the class very useful, and I am using some of the software that you provided me with. [Now] I am a full-time web marketer at a local real estate/property management company so i basically "sell with html."

Scott Upper
American Marketing Systems