Nothing Beats Formal Training

We have added an Illustrator Advanced class!

Please check it out: Illustrator Advanced.  It covers: working with inked and scanned images manipulating black and white illustrations creating seamless repeat patterns logo design techniques image tracing and recoloring artwork using typography to create designs

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Industry humor

It’s been a busy month! Over the years we’ve spent a lot of time revising our reschedule policy, which is quite lenient compared to other companies. People lead busy lives and they often call us to reschedule classes, but this month has been particularly bad. For each reschedule, we have to: manually update our database to: remove […]

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3 Tips To Become a Self-Taught Site Builder

Many of us dream of working less hours and making more money, desire site-building skills or simply want an edge up in the modern world. Teaching yourself website building skills is not only an intriguing way to stretch your brain, but has many fringe benefits. Users of the tech-titan site Skillcrush report that learning the […]

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5 Steps to Starting Social Media for Small-but-Mighty Businesses

This post was written by Anna Colibri, founder of Colibri Digital, an outsourced digital marketing company in San Francisco. When she’s not online, you can find her reading, writing, meditating, momming, or roaming the streets of SF.  Businesses have more ways of reaching people than ever before. Traditional print media is still a fantastic way to […]

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Ultimate Guide to Excel Training | Find the Right Class for You

Excel is the most popular data software in the world. It’s features, functions and wide ranging capabilities drastically improve efficiency, accuracy and productivity. Many professions absolutely require a sound understanding of the software at a minimum, and users who can fully take advantage of everything Excel has to offer strongly improve their chances of having […]


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