Cool Photoshop Effects and Filters Workshop – March 21

Photoshop LogoMess with your friends and post outrageous photos on Facebook! Join this fun and action-packed workshop for everything from animal-human cross-breeding, cartoonifying, special effects and surreal photo creation.


Some of the effects you will learn are:

  1. Swapping heads and bodies on animals
  2. Inserting new heads on people in photos
  3. Liquify for Japanese Anime style portraits
  4. Liquify for photographic plastic surgery
  5. Filters for Cartoonifying
  6. Merging landscapes and blending for surreal photos
  7. Blur Filters for Tilt-shift or Toy Camera Effects
  8. Filter Gallery for sci-fi style backgrounds
  9. Making your images into a Movie Poster (with Photoshop created light saber)
  10. Creating fire, changing eye color and a few more tricks


Any student, whether they are in-person or online, can bring their own photos to manipulate them in Photoshop. If you will be joining us in person, feel free take pictures of each other to use. You can bring a friend or make a new one in your class!

Kelly McCathran, Adobe ExpertInstructor: Kelly McCathran
Kelly is an Adobe Certified Expert in Photoshop and has been working with it since version 2 (not CS2, but version 2!). She has taught for AcademyX for over 8 years and is a recognized leader in the field. She is the organizer of the Adobe Creative Cloud Lovers Meetup group. Kelly is also the owner of an online training company (Twitter: @onlineinstruct).

You can see Kelly’s training style in the video below:

Group Photoshop Training

Class Format
Students should have their own laptop with Photoshop installed. The instruction will have step-by-step demonstrations of each photoshop effect, with lab exercises after each for students to replicate the effects with their assigned partner.



Students will come to our facilities with their laptops at the address below:

AcademyX Computer Training
601 Montgomery St. #409
San Francisco CA 94111 (map)


Student can find their favorite spot for online learning! We will be using AdobeConnect so you can actively participate and you will receive instructions upon signing up via email.

Saturday, March 21, 1pm – 4pm, PST
Note: This class is held in-person at our classroom facilities, but some students may opt to “dial-in” remotely. They should note that the class is held 1-4pm, Pacific Standard Time.

First 3 students: Free!
Next 5 students: $35
After that: $50

Online: $35


Eventbrite - Funny Photoshop Effects Workshop


  • familiarity with Photoshop layers
  • smart phone with camera
  • laptop with Photoshop CS4 or above

Try our 2 day photoshop training in San Diego, Sacramento, San Jose, San Francisco, and Los Angeles

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