Unemployed or Full-time Student? 40% Off

To establish eligibility for the unemployment discount, email any of the following (you can scan or use a cell phone photo):

Self-Employed: 30% Off

This discount is for self-employed contractors and entrepreneurs. To establish eligibility, either email any of the following (you can scan or use a cell phone photo):

Non-Profits and Schools: 20% Off

Employees of non-profit organizations and educational institutions receive 20% off. To register, just add the coupon code "non-profit" into your shopping cart before adding more classes. To be eligible, your email address must end in ".org" or ".edu".

Prepayment Credits: Up to 40% Off

Organizations can prepay for training credits to be shared among their employees. Based on the amount purchased, the discount can be up to 40% until the prepayment is exhausted. Your employees and the classes they take are tracked in a Google spreadsheet shared with you.

Prepayment Effective Discount on List Prices Credit Towards Classes
$3,000 25% $4,000
$5,000 28.5% $7,000
$7,000 36.3% $11,000
$9,000 40.0% $15,000

To purchase vouchers, either call us at 800-716-4324, or submit the form below.

The following conditions apply:

Multiple Students in the Same Class: 10%/20% Off

We offer discounts for single-transaction enrollments of multiple students in the same class on the same date.

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Restrictions: discounts may not be applied retroactively to previous registrations, nor may they be combined. Discounts do not apply towards classes at our partner facilities (e.g., San Diego or downtown LA)