Unemployed or Full-time Student? 30% Off

To establish eligibility for the unemployment discount, email any of the following (you can scan or use a cell phone photo):

Self-Employed: 30% Off

This discount is for self-employed contractors and entrepreneurs. To establish eligibility, either email any of the following (you can scan or use a cell phone photo):

Non-Profits and Schools: 20% Off

Employees of non-profit organizations and educational institutions receive 20% off. To register, just add the coupon code "non-profit" into your shopping cart before adding more classes. To be eligible, your email address must end in ".org" or ".edu".

Prepayment Credits: Up to 40% Off

Organizations can prepay for training credits to be shared among their employees. Based on the amount purchased, the discount can be up to 40% until the prepayment is exhausted. Your employees and the classes they take are tracked in a Google spreadsheet shared with you.

Prepayment Credit Towards Classes Effective Discount on List Prices
$3,000 $4,000 25%

Add to Cart
$5,000 $7,000 28.5%
$7,000 $11,000 36.3%
$9,000 $15,000 40.0%
The following conditions apply:

Multiple Students in the Same Class: 10%/20% Off

We offer discounts for enrollments of multiple students in the same class on the same date. Our shopping cart only accommodates one student per registration, so you will need to click on the copuon links below once for each person attending.

Restrictions: discounts may not be applied retroactively to previous registrations, nor may they be combined. Discounts do not apply towards classes at our partner facilities (e.g., San Diego or downtown LA). Discounts do not apply to Salesforce classes, which are already discounted.