Access Advanced Class

This course, builds on the skills and concepts taught in Access Intermediate. Students will learn how to query with SQL; create crosstab, parameter, and action queries; create macros; import, export, and link database objects; work with XML documents; work with Windows SharePoint Services; optimize databases; password-protect and encrypt databases; set Access options and properties; create hyperlink fields; and use Microsoft Outlook to update data.

Working With Macros

  • Creating A Macro
  • Adding Additional Macro Actions
  • Running A Macro Step-By-Step
  • Assigning A Macro To A Command Button
  • Creating A Macro Group
  • Using A Macro Group
  • The AutoExec Macro
  • Creating An AutoKeys Macro
  • Creating A Data Macro
  • Adding A Macro To The Quick Access Toolbar

Action Queries

  • About Action Queries
  • Creating A Make-Table Query
  • Creating An Append Query
  • Creating An Update Query
  • Creating A Delete Query
  • Creating A SQL Query

Importing And Exporting Data

  • Importing Data From A Text File
  • Importing Data From Excel
  • Importing Data From Another Access Database
  • Linking Data
  • Exporting Data To Other Formats
  • Exporting Data To A PDF File
  • Exporting Data To Another Access Database
  • Exporting Data To Excel
  • Exporting Data To Microsoft Word
  • Exporting Data To A Microsoft Word Mail Merge

Creating A Menu System

  • Creating A Switchboard
  • Adding Switchboard Items
  • Using The Switchboard
  • Editing A Switchboard
  • Setting Startup Options
  • Creating A Navigation Form

Working With Forms And Reports

  • Adding A Subform Using The Subform/Subreport Tool
  • Modifying A Subform
  • Aligning Controls To Each Other
  • Creating An Option Group
  • Edit Sorting And Grouping Levels In A Report
  • Inserting Total Fields In A Report
  • Using Rectangles, Lines And Borders

Database Tools And Maintenance

  • Using Compact And Repair
  • Changing Database Properties
  • Documenting A Database
  • Analyzing A Database
  • Viewing Object Dependencies
  • Backing Up A Database
  • Splitting A Database
  • Setting A Database Password