Access Advanced Class

This class targets the following topics:

Advanced Form Design Techniques

  • Designing Complex Forms
  • Creating “Keystroke-less” field controls
  • Adding Buttons and Drop-Down Lists for Navigation

Using Switchboards (Menus) to Navigate Database Objects

  • Create a Main Switchboard
  • Design a Reports Switchboard

Designing Macros to Automate Database Tasks

  • Create Macros to Open and Close Database Objects
  • Using Message Boxes to Inform Users
  • Automate Parameter Queries with Macros
  • View Related Records in Another Form with Macros
  • Hiding/Un-Hiding Field Controls with Macros
  • Use Macros to Validate Data Entry

Introduction into Access Visual Basic for Complex Automation

  • Use Visual Basic to Secure Forms with Passwords
  • Create User Input Boxes
  • Use Logic Programming to Interpret Conditions

Linking Tables to Ensure Database Security

  • Place Tables in a Separate Database
  • Manage Tables with the Linked Table Manager

Customizing Database Options

  • Set Startup Options
  • Applying the Compact and Repair Tool

Who Should Attend:

IT professionals, data analysts, database users and coordinators, managers and directors, and anyone who uses Access! Knowledge of Access Introduction and Intermediate concepts preferred.

Access classes are offered at these locations and online: