Introductory MS Access Training

Businesses, organizations and individuals worldwide use the Microsoft Access database management system to track multiple, inter-related sets of data, organize the data in tables, and generate reports to analyze the data. This Access Fundamentals class will teach you to use the core data management features of Access in order to make faster and more effective business decisions. Access Fundamentals will prepare you to design an Access database which is best suited to your business needs, streamline the process of entering new information by creating user-friendly data entry forms, and query the data to derive meaningful answers to critical business questions.

Introduction into How Databases Operate

  • Exploring a Relational Database
  • Examining Database Objects
  • How Data Is Related Between Tables

Learning the Access Interface

  • Examining Access Menu Tabs
  • Using the Access Navigation Pane
  • Using the Data View and Design View of an Object

Creating A New Database

  • Planning Steps to Create a New Database

Designing and Creating New Tables

  • Create Tables in Design View
  • Import Data from Excel

Entering Data into Tables

  • Data Entry Techniques and Shortcuts

Sorting and Filtering Data

  • Re-arranging Records by Sorting
  • Hiding Records Using Filtering

Introduction to Relating Table Data

  • Using the Relationships Window

Create Commonly Used Queries

  • Using the Simple Query Wizard
  • Creating Queries in Design View

Customizing Queries with Criteria

  • Adding Criteria for Text, Number, And Date Fields
  • Introduction into Using Wildcards in Criteria

Using Forms for Data Entry

  • Creating Forms
  • Exploring Different Form Layouts
  • Perform Data Entry in Forms

Create Reports for Data Output

  • Basing Reports on Queries
  • Previewing and Printing Reports
  • Understanding the Report Design Interface
  • Formatting Reports for Professional-Looking Output


  • A solid understanding of Windows file management, the concepts of right-clicking and selecting object properties

Access training offered online: