Access VBA Training

Microsoft Access, the MS Office suite's desktop database application, is a powerful tool for building and storing complex data. As an advanced Access user, you're probably familiar with designing tables, sorting records, constructing queries, and generating reports. But if your organization needs you to create custom MS Access solutions, you'll want to gain mastery of Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) - as quickly and easily as possible. Our Access VBA training class gives you practice in programming Access's built-in objects and adding logic to create specialized applications that present your users with intuitive, form-based interfaces.

Visual Basic Editor

  • Objects
  • Object Browser
  • Collections

Programming Basics

  • Working With Data
  • Scope

Control Structures

  • Decision Structures
  • Loop Structures

ActiveX Data Objects

  • Getting Started With ActiveX Data Objects
  • Working With ActiveX Data Objects

VBA Debugging Tools

  • Errors In Code
  • Debugging Techniques
  • Handling Runtime Errors

Office Integration

  • Auotmating Office
  • Working With Word from Access
  • Working with Excel from Access


  • Working experience with Microsoft Access.
  • Prior programming experience helpful but not required.

Access VBA offered at four locations: