jQuery Fundamentals Training

jQuery is one of the most popular JavaScript library in use today. With strong industry support from major players, such as Google, Dell, Wordpress and Mozilla, jQuery has become the de facto standard for many web developers. In fact, many companies request that potential employees have some experience with jQuery under their belt. jQuery serves many roles in web development today. It mitigates browser incompatibilities by providing consistent and sensible interfaces for complex actions (such as Ajax), and allows developers to add a visual spark to their sites with ease. jQuery's tagline is "Write less, do more," and in this two-day class, you will learn to do just that. Your instructor brings years of web development and design experience to the classroom as well as a thorough understanding of the evolving technologies that make the web work.

jQuery: The Basics

  • Learn about how jQuery fits in with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Install jQuery, and write some basic expressions.
  • Run code only when the page is ready.

Selecting Elements with jQuery

  • Use CSS selectors that you already know to get elements.
  • Employ jQuery-specific selectors to increase your selection capabilities.

Working with HTML Elements

  • Read and alter HTML elements' attributes on the fly.
  • Update text and styles based on the user's actions.
  • Modify the height and width of elements
  • Create New HTML Elements programmatically.

Event Handling

  • React to clicks on the page.
  • Bind actions to keystrokes.

Adding Animation to Your Website

  • Show and hide page elements on demand.
  • Learn how to fade and slide objects in and out.
  • Design custom visual effects to add your own pizazz.

Harnessing jQuery's Most Powerful Features

  • Don't reinvent the wheel; discover jQuery's utility functions.
  • Create, search, and filter arrays with ease.

Building Ajax Applications with jQuery

  • Dynamically load content without a page refresh.
  • Pass data to the server with minimal code.

Discovering jQuery Widgets

  • Add a date picker with only a few lines of code.
  • Build dialog boxes with the dialog widget.
  • Include progress bars and sliders in your website.


  • Some experience writing HTML and CSS.
  • Basic JavaScript highly recommended.

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