ASP.Net 5-Day Boot Camp

ASP.Net is the next generation of Active Server Pages, designed to be more modular, extensible, and faster. In this five-day ASP training course, students will learn the basics.

You will learn how to:

  • Determine the structure and components of ASP.Net applications
  • Create web forms with ASP.Net form controls
  • Process <FORM> data with ASP.NET server controls
  • Use ADO.Net to implement data-driven web sites
  • Export XML from ASP.Net applications
  • Use ASP.Net to retrieve and parse XML and save it in a database
  • Define and configure global.asax to control your web application
  • Keep persistent user states via ASP.Net session management
  • Learn how to use web services and build data-driven Web services
  • Debug and deploy your ASP.Net applications

Learning to Write Simple ASP.Net Pages

  • Displaying Text in a Web Page and Performing Redirects
  • Passing User Data from Page to Page
  • Saving and Retrieving Data with Cookies
  • Detecting Browser Capabilities
  • Transfer Processing

Separating and Modularizing your Code

  • Removing Code From HTML text with HTML Controls
  • Posting Information Back to the Same Page
  • The Benefits Realized from Code-behind Files
  • Taking Advantage of User Controls to Modularize Code

Designing Online Forms with Web Controls

  • Creating a Web Form with ASP.Net Web Controls
  • Grouping Elements with List Controls
  • Using Repeater Controls to Output Data
  • Using DataList Controls to Output Data
  • Enforcing User Input Integrity with Validation Controls
  • Implementing a Calendar with a Calendar Control

Managing Databases with ADO.NET

  • Displaying Data from a Database
  • Outputting Dynamic Data with Web Controls
  • Customizing Databound Result sets with Style Sections
  • Customizing Databound Result sets with Templates
  • Updating Tables with Structured Query Language Commands

Manipulating Data with ADO.NET DataSets

  • Populating a DataSet from Several Tables
  • Retrieving Data from Joined Tables
  • Outputting Data with a DataGrid Control
  • Merging and Modifying DatSet Records

Managing XML Documents with ASP.NET

  • Retrieving and Outputting an XML Document
  • Validating an XML Document with Schema
  • Finding Content and Attribute Values within an XML Document
  • Editing XML Documents
  • Saving XML Documents to the Hard Drive

Rearranging XML Data with ASP.NET

  • Writing Data from a DataSet to an XML Document
  • Creating Nested XML from a DataSet Object
  • Reading XML Data into a DataSet
  • Transforming an XML Document with XSLT and Outputting it

Designing and Configuring an ASP.NET Application

  • Configuring an ASP.Net Application
  • Utilizing ASP.Net Error Tracing
  • Managing the Application State
  • Keeping Session Data between Pages
  • Caching Page Output
  • Caching a User Control


  • Ability to write C# or VB.Net code
  • Basic understanding of HTML and forms

ASP.Net 5-Day Boot Camp are offered at four locations: