Communication Strategies

A thriving organization depends on effective and efficient communication. As you examine your own communication strategies and styles, you will discover why some of your techniques are not working and learn how to build on your strengths. This class culminates in the creation of a personal action plan for successful future communications.

  • Become better at identifying and communicating to people with different communication styles
  • Become (and be seen as) a great listener
  • Gain clarity and skills around being assertive
  • Improved conflict resolution skills

Communicate With Intention

  • The Science Behind Why Communication is Complicated
  • Cultural Differences in Communication
  • Communicate Clearly to a Wide Audience
  • Real World Intentional Listening
  • The Body Language of Listening
  • Mirroring to Build Rapport
  • Paraphrasing to Confirm Understanding
  • Questioning Techniques to Find Out More

Communicate Assertively and Honorably

  • The Truth About Assertive Communication
  • How to Make it Easier to Be Assertive
  • Framing Statements for Easier Acceptance
  • Avoiding Language that Makes it Harder to Listen
  • Owning Your Mistakes
  • Appreciation vs. Recognition
  • How to Appreciate Others in a Way that Hits Home