Digital Marketing Bootcamp

If your company's bottom line is impacted by how much quality web traffic and online leads you generate, AcademyX's digital marketing bootcamp will provide excellent returns.

Businesses that do online marketing correctly enjoy a sustainable, consistent pipeline of customers they can sell their products to. Today's top digital marketing platforms provide each company targeting & demographic features needed to get their brand in front of those most likely to buy.

AcademyX's digital marketing bootcamp focuses on 4 essential topics: Google Ads, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Content Marketing and Google Analytics.

Over the course of this bootcamp, individuals will learn the latest, proven strategies for each marketing channel. They will understand how to create, manage and optimize successful campaigns that will increase web traffic and leads.

Using what you learn in this bootcamp will drastically improve the quality & sophistication of your online marketing strategy.

The latest data, along with real-life marketing examples are highlighted during each chapter of the bootcamp, and your instructor will show you how each marketing channel can be best used given your industry and services.


  • At least 1 year experience with digital marketing
  • You have a Google Ads account with existing campaigns & you have a website that you primarily use to generate revenue
  • You also have a Google Analytics account tracking your web traffic
  • You have a basic understanding of SEO and know which search phrases you want to rank highly for
  • Your company is serious about growing its web traffic and the number of leads that your website generates

Key takeaways include:

Google Ads:

  • How to create the right monthly budget
  • Creating goals before your campaign goes live so you know what number of leads / sales you need to be profitable
  • Understand how Google determines your bid price so you can structure you ad groups, campaigns and landing pages correctly
  • Implementing best practices for keyword research and ad copy writing
  • Creating accurate conversion tracking through Google Analytics


  • The latest changes to Google's algorithm
  • Proper website architecture
  • Advanced keyword research strategies
  • Creating the right blog and editorial calendar
  • Mastering on-page SEO and internal linking
  • Building backlinks and leveraging email and social to improve SEO rankings
  • Rank tracking and ROI tracking for all organic traffic

Content Marketing

  • Creating buyer persona's to guide your editorial calendar
  • Best practices for creating articles that market your brand and product
  • Consolidating content to create ebooks or buyer's guides
  • Promoting your content through industry influencers and social media / email
  • Measuring the effectiveness of your content marketing

Google Analytics

  • Measure the value of specific marketing campaigns
  • Track important button clicks like downloads, form fills, or PDF views
  • Automate ALL of your marketing reports
  • Use date range comparison features to see growth
  • Identify which keywords are generating the most leads
  • See which pages on your site are causing visitors to leave