Excel for Mac Intermediate Class

Businesses, organizations, and professionals rely on Microsoft Excel's range of tools and automated functions to get the job done. With classes crafted specifically for the needs of Mac users, AcademyX provides the unique high-level training required to make you an Excel expert. To get you there, our instructors, armed with years of both teaching and real-world experience, will take you through practical examples that will show you new advanced formulas, charting techniques, specialized functions, and time-saving tips. Our course is designed for you to be able to apply these skills immediately and effectively.

Using Advanced Formulas to Calculate Data

  • Apply names to cells and ranges
  • Implement logical and lookup functions to analyze data
  • Calculate data across multiple worksheets
  • Understand and use specialized functions

Managing and Systematizing Worksheet and Table Data

  • Make and edit tables
  • Format tables for maximum clarity
  • Sort and filter data to see only the data you need
  • Calculate data using advanced functions
  • Create a PivotTable report

Using Charts to Present Data

  • Create compelling and dynamic charts
  • Modify charts to make the most of your data
  • Format charts to emphasize key information

Placing Graphic Objects

  • Insert and alter clip art and pictures
  • Draw and modify shapes to complement your spreadsheet information
  • Use SmartArt graphics to illustrate workflows
  • Group and layer graphic objects for easy manipulation

Customizing and Adding to the Excel Environment

  • Customize the Excel environment
  • Customize workbooks for efficient use
  • Manage themes to apply appearances easily to multiple cells, tables, and worksheets
  • Make and utilize templates for effective time management


  • Working experience with Microsoft Excel for Mac

* Note: This class description is for our Excel for Mac Intermediate course, see the description for our Intermediate Excel course for Windows.