Excel Intro Training

This course provides the basic concepts and skills to start being productive with Microsoft Excel: How to create, save, share, and print worksheets that contain various kinds of calculations and formatting.

You will benefit most from this course if you want to accomplish basic workplace tasks in Excel, or if you want to have a solid foundation for continuing on to become an Excel expert.

Navigating Spreadsheets with Confidence and Speed

  • Understand spreadsheet terminology, including worksheets, workbooks, columns, rows and cells.
  • Work efficiently with Excel's tool ribbons, gallery commands, and Live Preview feature.
  • Master shortcuts to quickly navigate through multiple pages of data.

Entering and Editing Text and Formulas

  • Use AutoFill to complete the entry of sequential data with a minimum of errors.
  • Perform basic calculations and use cell references to apply calculations accurately.
  • Understand and use cell references to apply calculations accurately throughout a spreadsheet.
  • Search for specific data and replace data selectively or globally.

Modifying a Worksheet

  • Move and copy data in a worksheet using copy, paste and cut buttons.
  • Utilize the Office Clipboard to copy and paste multiple items simultaneously.
  • Learn about relative and absolute cell referencing.
  • Insert and delete ranges, entire rows and/or columns

Working with Basic Functions

  • Predefine formulas to perform calculations and learn about the anatomy of a functions.
  • Use the SUM function to add a list of values
  • Apply commonly used functions such as AVERAGE, MIN, MAX, COUNT and COUNTA.

Formatting Cells and Tables For Clarity and Visual Impact

  • Use styles and style galleries to quickly format cells, tables and entire worksheets.
  • Apply conditional formatting rules to visually enhance your data.
  • Automatically display numbers as percentages, currencies, fractions, dates or in the format of your choice.

Printing Spreadsheet Data for Professional Appearance

  • Avoid multiple printing attempts by adjusting margins and sizing in Page Layout View.
  • Control page breaking and print options to print the desired number of pages.
  • Define the print area to exclude unwanted data from your printout.

Charting and Graphing Data

  • Create bar and pie charts from data
  • Formatting charts and changing settings


  • Basic familiarity with Microsoft Windows

Excel training is offered at four locations: