Excel for Power Users Training

Microsoft Excel's array of analytic capabilities make it an invaluable problem-solving tool in any context. However, to use Excel's most sophisticated features effectively requires more than a knowledge of the application's formulas and menu options. To take your mastery of Excel to the next level, you require the ability to apply Excel's arsenal of analytic tools to derive meaning from the data and arrive at more effective solutions. This Excel for Power Users training provides you with practical experience using the application's most powerful features and sophisticated data analysis techniques to develop better solutions faster, and implement those solutions with a greater understanding of the complex set of factors which affect your business outcomes. The skills you gain as a result of this training will distinguish you from your competitors, and from your colleagues, in terms of your ability to use Excel to its full capacity.

Analytical Functions

  • Ranking Data With Statistical Functions
  • Revealing Content With Information Functions
  • Advanced Lookup And Reference Functions

Advanced PivotTable Analysis

  • Grouping Pivot Table Data
  • Creating Custom Calculations In Pivot Tables
  • Using The Getpivotdata Function
  • Changing The Relationship Of Pivot Table Data
  • Building Pivot Tables From Report Filter Fields
  • Creating Dashboard Worksheets From Pivot Tables

Intro To Excel Dashboards

  • Using Pivot Charts To Setup Dashboards
  • Adding Slicers to Visually Filter Data
  • Using Offset And Match Functions To Set Up Dashboards
  • Applying Conditional Formatting For Range Effects
  • Creating Custom Views For Dashboards

Advanced Macro Techniques

  • Recording Macros Tips
  • Setting Macro Security
  • Recording Macros Relatively
  • Viewing And Editing Macro Code
  • Adding More Steps To Macros
  • Making Macros Interactive
  • Displaying Message Boxes In Macros
  • Creating If-Then-Else Statements
  • Assigning Macros To Toolbars And Worksheet Buttons


  • Experience with advanced Excel features such as lookups, macros and functions

Excel for Power Users training is offered online: