FileMaker Intermediate Training

FileMaker is a highly praised and popular software program that gives you control and access to vital database features. It's adaptable to Windows and Mac, and has been the go to software for creating databases for some time. FileMaker can also be used to edit existing databases, which is where many companies find its value.

Don't let record keeping slow you down. Learn the latest FileMaker skills to get control over your database. During our Intermediate course, you'll engage in focused tasks to gain a full understanding of semi-advanced concepts and software features. This training is a great option for people who want to take their database management skills to the next level, while enhancing their efficiency and productivity.

By the end of this section of the FileMaker Pro training class, you'll be able to start or understand:

Design and Control a Relational Database

Managing a database gets more complex over time. Your needs grow, and so does your need to do more with your data. The manual stuff just won't cut it. It's time to start thinking about automation and ask yourself, how would a developer handle this?

  • Know what relational databases can really do
  • Apply database modeling
  • Design relational databases
  • Using a relational database power
  • Lookups
  • Reviewing relationship concepts

Gain Command of Field Options

There are even more field types you don't know about. So what's the best way to use them? How do you automatically get your data into those fields? This section has all the answers.

  • Understanding field types
  • No more manually entering field options
  • Validate and confirm your options
  • Learn about storage options
  • Understand container fields

Layout Mechanics and Design

Ever thought you could build a layout from scratch? You'll be able to so in this class. From colors and buttons to drop-down menus, field controls and more, this section gives you the skills for design schematics that make your data look good.

  • Learn layout types, parts and more
  • Format fields perfectly and understand sophisticated field possibilities
  • Make your layouts fit to print
  • Learn layout themes, including touch themes
  • Grids, Guides and Dynamic guides
  • Join fields and variables
  • Apply autosizing and use buttons


Filemaker Intermediate training is offered at our Sacramento Branch and San Francisco Branch. This class can be taught at our other locations by request. Call 1-800-716-4324 or email for more information.