Google Sheets Training for Excel Users

Google Sheets is the spreadsheet application of Google's cloud-based office suite. This accelerated class is meant for experienced users of Excel, who know how to create formulas and apply functions, and who want to learn how to do the same and more in Google Sheets.

Topics covered:

  • Conditional Formatting: setting rules for changing font and background colors based on cell values
  • Data Validation, Named Ranges and Dropdowns: Limiting users to only input dates, numbers, or text from a dropdown
  • Data Protection: Prohibiting users from editing certain ranges by setting parts of your spreadsheet to be "protected" from changes
  • Sharing Options: Restricting editing, viewing, and/or commenting to certain users
  • Filter Views: Allowing multiple users to sort and filter the same spreadsheet without affecting each other
  • Recovering from Mistakes: Accessing the spreadsheet's version history, seeing who made changes and restoring old versions
  • Creating Charts Instantly Using Google's AI Feature
  • Checkboxes: A simple way to create interactive sheets
  • Google Forms and Quizzes: Feeding user-inputted data into a spreadsheet (example)
  • Incorporating Real-Time Data: Accessing HTML tables and CSV files online to extract data from other web sites
  • Selecting data with SQL: running database commands gainst columns of spreadsheet data
  • Zapier Integration: Filling sheets with data from other web services (e.g., adding Twitter mentions to a Google Sheet)
  • Getting Financial Data: access real-time stock quotes, volume, and even cryptocurrency prices (example)
  • Macros and AppScript: Equivalent to VBA, AppScript allows developers to access the internal components of a Google sheet
  • Maps with Pins: with the GeoCode add-in, you can create Google maps with colored pins at address locations listed in your spreadsheet
  • Mobile Apps from Google Sheets Using AppSheet: If your spreadsheet has tabs, column headings, image URL refrences, and related data in each row, you can quickly turn it into an intuitive cell phone app using the AppSheet add-in (app / / data)
  • Visualizing and Transforming Data: Sparkline() for mini-charts, Image() for QR Codes, Translate() for foreign languages


  • Intermediate-level knowledge of Excel: functions, formulas, vlookup or similar grounding in spreadsheets.

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