Illustrator Advanced Training

For close to 30 years, graphics design professionals have relied on Adobe Illustrator to create graphics, whether it be for print or for the web. Building upon the foundation skills learned in our Illustration Fundamentals class, this hands-on Illustrator Advanced course, taught by Adobe-Certified instructors, will teach you to create professional illustrations and graphic designs using advanced techniques and industry best practices. And since it is tightly integrated with the rest of the Adobe Creative Suite, you will be able to leverage the skills learned to other Adobe Creative Cloud applications like Photoshop and InDesign.

Topics Covered:

  • Illustration of Color Inked & Scanned Images
    • Drawing Basic Design Elements
    • Colorizing Elements: Lotus
    • Colorizing Elements: Water
    • Colorizing Elements: Koi
    • More Colored Elements for Detail: Fin & Eye
    • Creating Color Variations
  • Illustration of Black & White Designs
    • Creating a Black & White Drawing Utilizing Various Tools
    • Drawing the Outline & Basic Details - Pen Tool
    • Creating Geometric Shapes - Ellipse Tool
    • Drawing Free Form Shapes: Blob Brush Tool
    • Creating a New Calligraphic Brush Variation
    • Editing Shapes - Eraser Tool
    • Varying Stroke Weights - Width Tool
    • Creating and Applying an Additional Art Brush
    • Applying and Editing a Gradient
    • Adjusting Layer Order & Adding Last Details
  • Seamless Repeating Pattern Creation
    • Using Reflect, Scale and Groups to Create the Base Design
    • Using Blends to Repeat to Design Elements
    • Using Reflect, Scale and Groups to Create Another Design Element
    • Using Complex Blends to Repeat to Design Elements
    • Aligning Shapes for Tiling Patterns
    • Creating a Tiling Pattern
    • Applying & Modifying a Pattern
    • Checking Pattern Accuracy
  • Logo Design Techniques
    • Designing a Corporate Logo: Adobe Creative Cloud Logo
    • Creating a Custom Color Gradient
    • Creating the Logo Elements
    • Adding Line Segments & Aligning Paths
    • Arranging & Joining Paths

Illustrator training offered online and at these locations: