Perl 5-Day Boot Camp for $1950

ActiveState logo Perl is known as the "Swiss Army Knife of Programming" because it is so useful in so many situations -- both for system administration tasks and for generating dynamic web pages via the CGI protocol. The language itself is freely downloadable and can be installed on many different operating systems (including Windows, Mac, and Unix). Many web hosting companies offer Perl as a component of their Unix hosting plans.

This five-day bootcamp is composed of three separate classes that can be taken individually or all as a group. This Perl training course is geared toward programmers who know at least one other language, but have no experience in Perl. Over the five days we cover everything from variables, loops, and conditionals to pattern-matching, references, modules, xml, and database integration. The Perl training bootcamp is composed of these classes:

  • Intro to Perl training (one day): installing Perl, variables, loops, conditionals, idiosyncrasies, system commands, escaping variables, Unix versus Windows, and CGI concepts.
  • Intermediate Perl training (two days): arrays, file I/O, subroutines, scoping, hashes, using modules, namespaces, and sending email
  • Advanced Perl training (two day): pattern-matching, references, installing modules, object-oriented notation, database integration, and XML output


  • Some previous programming experience (e.g., JavaScript, C, shell, etc.)
  • Some experience with the DOS or Unix command prompt: understanding of "cd" command and working directories