Photoshop Advanced Training

Adobe Photoshop's unparalleled photo editing capabilities have made this application an industry standard on which millions of graphics and design professionals rely. AcademyX's advanced Photoshop training covers advanced image manipulation techniques to create impactful images for high-end printers, Internet browsers and any number of mobile devices. Those with a solid foundation of Photoshop skills will learn to perform the color management and image adjustments required for a commercial print environment, as well as an array of image optimization techniques useful for delivering high-quality images online. Participants in this Photoshop training will also gain experience with Adobe Creative Suite's sophisticated productivity features and tools for automating repetitive tasks. This class is taught by an Adobe-Certified Instructor who brings extensive industry experience to class, in order to prepare you to apply your advanced Photoshop skills faster.

Capture digital photos with Camera Raw and increase your workflow efficiency with batch processing.

  • Make basic adjustments to raw photo formats.
  • Utilize adjustment brushes and gradient filter tools to apply local modifications to exposure, clarity and brightness.
  • Manipulate a group of files with batch processing.
  • Create actions using powerful automation scripts with Adobe Bridge.

Master photographic techniques to make photos visually spectacular

  • Merge photos to create dazzling panoramas.
  • Combine photos for rich High Dynamic Range (HDR) images.
  • Apply photo filters and color matching for continuity and harmony.
  • Add depth-of-field and Smart Sharpen lens adjustments.

Manage colors to ensure printing precision and accuracy

  • Adjust color modes, models, spaces and profiles.
  • Display images in different color spaces.
  • Soft proof image colors before printing.

Prepare images for commercial printing with CMYK color conversion

  • Handle RGB/CMYK color spaces and custom ink options.
  • Perform CMYK Curve retouching.

Optimize your images for use on the web

  • Downsample, trim and optimize your images for faster downloading.
  • Format images to support transparency and smooth edges with matte colors.
  • Combine a series of frames to create fun gif animations.

Make the most out of new video editing features in Photoshop CC

  • Learn about video types, create video layers, and inspect tagging/metadata.
  • Navigate the Timeline Panel to trim/split video clips and add audio.
  • Add artistic transitions between video clips.
  • Insert graphics, text, and keyframe animation into a video project.
  • Export and publish your videos in a variety of different formats.


  • Photoshop Fundamentals or equivalent experience.

Photoshop Advanced Training classes are offered at four locations