PHP/MySQL Boot Camp for $1950

ActiveState logo This boot camp introduces students to an integrated suite of open source technologies: PHP and MySQL. We show students where to get these free downloads, how to install them, and how to integrate them into a dynamic, data-driven web site.


The MySQL server is an open source database that is easy to download, install, and configure. In this section of the course, we will install the server, client, and ODBC connector. We will review the language it shares with many other databases: Structured Query Language. We'll also show students how to create new tables, and add users with privileges to retrieve and insert data. Here is the MySQL training class syllabus.


The last three days of the boot camp will be devoted to the PHP language. We'll show students how to install and configure PHP for both IIS and Apache web servers, and integrate PHP with the MySQL server to produce dynamic, data-driven web sites. This portion of the course is drawn from the 3-day PHP training class.


  • Experience with at least one programming language
  • Ability to create a web page using HTML

MySQL/PHP classes offered individually: