Advanced PowerPoint Course

Know how to produce a good slideshow, but still have some lingering questions? Our PowerPoint Advanced course class continues where PowerPoint Intermediate left off and completes your PowerPoint training. As a result, you will become adept at adding voice narration, confidently using master slides and managing multiple slide shows efficiently.

Slide Masters - The Next Level

  • Create a new slide master
  • Preserve a slide master
  • Restore Placeholders within a slide master
  • Learn to create custom layouts

Working with Advanced Hyperlinks

  • Use invisible, unobtrusive hyperlinks
  • Incorporate hyperlinks into a Table of Contents

Embed/Add Video to Presentations

  • Insert a video from a website
  • Upload and add video from a file
  • Experiment with playback and formatting tools

Advanced Animation Techniques

  • Animate charts and SmartArt graphics
  • Explore multiple animation effects
  • Adjust the timing for animation effects
  • Use animation triggers
  • Add bookmarks and video triggers

Advanced File Collaboration

  • Understand the differences between embedded and linked objects
  • Determine if an object is embedded or linked
  • Effectively manager linked objects

Tips and Tricks for Advanced Formatting

  • Analyze and replace fonts
  • Embed a custom font
  • Customize indentation
  • Hide background graphics in or out of master
  • Work with SmartTags

Advanced Slideshow Options

  • Create custom slideshows
  • Work in kiosk mode
  • Record voice narration

Finalize a PowerPoint Presentation

  • Perfect a presentation with the slide inspector toll
  • Create a slide library
  • Publish a slide-to-slide library
  • Protect your PowerPoint presentation file


  • A strong understanding of Microsoft Windows file management, the concepts of right-clicking and object property selection
  • Successful completion of our Intermediate PowerPoint class or equivalent experience

Advanced Powerpoint courses are offered at four locations: