PowerPoint Intro Training

Have something to say? Make yourself heard with Microsoft PowerPoint, today's foremost presentation tool used in companies and classrooms all over the world. Whether you are an educator, sales director, new media guru, or a marketing professional, the latest version of PowerPoint is your answer to quickly creating high-impact, dynamic presentations for any audience. AcademyX's Microsoft PowerPoint classes have been crafted to help you build and develop compelling presentations.

Get up and running quickly with our intensive Introduction to PowerPoint training course. We'll guide you through the new interface in PowerPoint, make sure you know how to use the latest features like the updated Tables and SmartArt tools, and teach you the essential skills including slide masters and timed slideshows.

Getting Started with Microsoft Powerpoint

Microsoft Office's new "Fluent" user interface is designed to keep all the rich features and capabilities of PowerPoint right at your fingertips. Whether you're new to PowerPoint or making the switch from a previous version, our instructors will ensure a stress-free transition as you get acquainted with PowerPoint's basics. We will introduce you to:

  • The updated menu format that includes a new Office button for all your file-storage needs
  • A variety of slideshow controls
  • A number of viewing options that facilitate the design process as you build your presentation
  • The Help menu for questions that need a quick answer

Creating New Presentations with Powerpoint

Take your slides from drab to fab with PowerPoint's easy-to-use built-in templates, or create your own unique layout for a customized look. We will teach you how to:

  • Plan your presentation and then turn placeholders into real text and graphics
  • Quickly add, delete, and rearrange slides
  • Easily integrate slides from other presentations
  • Save time by setting up and saving your own custom slide layouts
  • Fine-tune mouse controls for slide editing
  • Duplicate, delete, move and resize text, images, charts and diagrams

Formatting Slides in Powerpoint

The text formatting and layout you choose for your slideshow - the visual look and feel - is part of your message. Effective formatting can mean the difference between a routine presentation and one that jumps off the screen. We'll take you through the nitty-gritty of managing fonts, colors, alignment, and spacing, and show you how to:

  • Easily copy styles to other parts of your presentation
  • Create an automatic list with the symbols and spacing you want
  • Use the Find and Replace tool for quick global changes
  • Use the Clipboard Pane to add in items from other Office applications
  • Artfully align text, and design line spacing and indentation

Drawing Objects in Powerpoint

You can add interest and make your slides more readable by adding shapes to break up a lot of text. And the use of arrows or mathematical symbols can also help create a stronger visual impact. You will get hands-on experience - and have some fun - learning how to:

  • Insert, resize, and rotate objects from the Shapes gallery
  • Make a point stand out by adding WordArt effects to your text
  • Create a shadow or bevel effect with the click of a button
  • Align objects according to a grid or relative to one another
  • Add and modify text within an object

Using Graphics in Powerpoint

In addition to simple shapes, you can add almost any graphic to illustrate or communicate an idea or concept. We'll show you how to make use of WordArt, Clip Art, and other images for a smart presentation that is different from the norm. You will learn how to:

  • Incorporate WordArt text objects for attention-grabbing headlines
  • Refine images, for example, by adjusting brightness and contrast
  • Add unique picture borders to generate a framing effect
  • Make certain parts of your image "see-through" with the Recolor tool
  • Crop and resize images to fit your slide layout
  • Group several items in order to lock their relative positioning

Creating Tables in Powerpoint

You can use tables and charts to organize and convey complex information. PowerPoint's updated user interface makes tackling tables even more intuitive, providing seamless data integration with Excel spreadsheets and preset themes for professional-looking graphs. In this unit, we cover how to:

  • Insert a new table with four quick and easy methods to choose from
  • Use your mouse efficiently to move, adjust, or select table components
  • Append pictures, text boxes, shapes and more to your table
  • Incorporate charts based on Excel spreadsheets
  • Use SmartArt to create high-impact and dynamic diagrams, like workflow, relationship, or hierarchies

Proofing & Delivering PPT Presentations

In the last unit, we'll cover those extra steps that will take your presentations from "pretty good" to "super-polished." We'll go over the revision and preview tools that allow the smoothest delivery no matter whether you're delivering your presentation digitally or as a handout. Our experienced instructors will teach you how to:

  • Eliminate errors using Spell Check and AutoCorrect functions
  • Create winning phrases with synonyms in the Thesaurus
  • Run your slideshow from user-defined starting points
  • Modify which slides are shown depending on your audience
  • Print out your presentation in a variety of formats


  • Good understanding of MS Windows file management, and the concepts of right-clicking and selecting the properties of an object

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