Presentation Skills

Your two days will be spent in a group setting with a facilitator, learning and practicing fundamental and advanced presentation skills. Included in the workshop are instructor-led exercises, group activities, and an extensive feedback process; all of these are designed to increase your comfort and competency when speaking in public.

  • Plan presentations purposefully to improve audience retention
  • Manage visual aids and PowerPoint with professionalism and ease
  • Feel and sound more confident by engaging the audience like a pro
  • Learn structures to keep presentations succinct and professional

Make an Impact with PowerPoint

  • PowerPoint Resources
  • Slide Management Techniques
  • Slide Design
  • Thinking Outside the Screen

OPEN UP: Six Traits of Exceptional Presenters

  • Who is an Exceptional Presenter?
  • Keeping Audience Attention
  • Organization
    • Three-Step Prep
    • Building Presentation Structure
    • Planning for Obstacles & Tough Questions
    • Conducting Q&A Sessions
    • Impromptu Speaking: STARR Method
  • Passion
    • How to Bring Passion into Presentations
    • Uncovering Your Passion
  • Engaging
    • Tricks of the Trade
    • Gestures & Posture
    • Eye Contact
    • Dynamics of Voice & Vocal Projection
  • Natural
    • Transitions
    • Pull and Push Transition Methods
    • Common Transition Mistakes
  • Understand the Audience>
    • Audience Analysis Tool
  • Live Practice
    • In-class Preparation for Final Speech
    • Feedback Questions
    • Prepare in 5 Simple Steps