SEO Training Course (evenings)

Class Times: Monday to Thursday eves, 6-9pm

Taught by successful SEO consultants, this course covers onsite and offsite SEO techniques, complementary social media strategies, and Google Webmaster Tools. Students will be given access to several sites to optimize during the course of the training.

SEO Basics

  • How Google's SEO algorithm works
  • Determining keywords and search phrases
  • Analyzing your competition
  • Finding SEO Tools

Optimizing Your Site for SEO

  • Creating an appropriate folder structure
  • Crafting internal links: breadcrumbs, anchor text, URLs, and PageRank sculpting with nofollow
  • SEO-friendly tags: h1, title, anchor tags
  • Setting up working sitemaps
  • Inserting keywords at the appropriate density
  • Developing content: freshness, quality, uniqueness, types (videos, blogs, etc.)
  • Tagging content: alt tags, meta tags, structured data ("rich snippets")

Getting SEO "Link Juice" from Other Sites

  • Getting inbound links: strategies to get other sites to link to yours
  • Blogging to promote your site
  • Social shares: improving your ranking by getting mentions on social media platforms and bookmarking services
  • Google+: attributions, authorship, followers, and their impact on SEO

Analysis and Tools

  • Using Google's keyword suggestion tool
  • Mastering site performance with Google's Webmaster Tools
  • Spying on competitors
  • Using rank checkers
  • Using SEOquake


  • Basic knowledge of HTML