Python Advanced

This course is for programmers who have worked with Python on and off, copying scripts and searching Google for quick solutions to Python problems. By the end of the class, students should be able to write professional Python scripts and applications that can manipulate file based (JSON, XML, and CSV) or database backed data and present the results in beautiful graphs using matplotlib.


  • You must be able to write, with minimal looking up on Google, a Python script that could open a text file, iterate through the lines, and output the ones containing, for example, email addresses. Another, equivalent prerequisite would be that you must have already written at least 1,000 lines of Python code
  • Do not take this class if you don't meet the prerequisites - you will be lost and confused!

Becoming a Pythonista

In this section, we learn Python idioms and Python functional programming, Object-Oriented Programming (OOP), and unit testing.

  • Idiomatic Python
  • Functional Programming
  • Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)
  • Unit Testing

Python Networking

In this section, we learn network programming using Python.

  • Network Basics and Protocols
  • Sockets
  • Multi-threading
  • Client-Server Programming

Python Data Analysis

In this section, we study the key concepts of data analysis in Python using well known libraries.

  • Handling JSON, XML, and CSV data
  • Data Exploration and Wrangling with pandas
  • Data Visualization with matplotlib

Python Database Programming

In this section, we learn how to develop database applications using Python. We will use MySQL for SQL and MongoDB for NoSQL backend databases.

  • Working with Relational Databases
  • Working with noSQL Databases

We offer Python Advanced classes at three locations:

  • Python training in San Francisco, at our classroom facilities or your offices
  • Python training in San Jose, at our classroom facilities or your offices
  • Python training in Sacramento, at our classroom facilities or your offices