Salesforce Training

Public Classes

These courses are taught in groups with attendees from other organizations or departments:

Private Classes in Marketing Cloud and Pardot

These courses can only be taught as private classes and the client (e.g., CCSF) must provide our instructor with access to a Pardot seat/license. Each class requires a minimum of 3 students.

About AcademyX Salesforce Classes

Our Salesforce courses follow a comparable format and structure to the authorized Salesforce courses, utilizing 3rd party course materials.

NOTE 1: All courses with 3 or fewer registrations will be conducted at AcademyX, as a Virtual Online course. A course with 4 or more registrations will be conducted at AcademyX, with an in-person instructor.

NOTE 2: AcademyX list price is 17% lower than the Salesforce list price. If any organization provides us with 4 or more employees, we will reduce their employee rate by an additional 13% off the Salesforce list price, making their total discount 30% off the Salesforce list price.

NOTE 3: Since these classes are already discounted, other AcademyX discounts cannot be applied to them.

Classes are held daily from 9am - 5pm at AcademyX, 601 Montgomery St., Suite 409, San Francisco, CA 94111 ( map)