Section 508 Compliance Training for Accessible Office Documents

This one-day class will help you understand the principles and importance of Section 508 and AB 434 as well as how to create Microsoft Office documents that are accessible to all individuals. This class is ideal for those that need to create documents that may be publicly available. The class assumes you know how to use a computer have a basic knowledge of Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Email, and Word. Topics covered in this class:

Introduction To Section 508 And AB 434

  • WCAG and Level AA
  • Common Accessibility Challenges
  • Testing Documents and Best Practices
  • Screen Readers and Speech Recognition

Excel Accessibility

  • Meeting 508 Requirements
  • Merged Cells
  • Headers, Footers, Fonts and Sizing
  • Use of Tables
  • Hyperlinks
  • Using the Accessibility Checker

PowerPoint Accessibility

  • Meeting 508 Requirements
  • Colors, Fonts and Themes
  • Data Tables
  • Audio, Video and Multimedia Files
  • Transitions and Animations
  • Using the Accessibility Checker

Outlook Accessibility

  • Meeting 508 Requirements
  • Email formats, texts and fonts
  • Using images in Email
  • Signatures
  • Accessibility Checklist

Word Accessibility

  • Meeting 508 Requirements
  • Filenames, Headings and Levels
  • Fonts, Colors and Contrast
  • Tables and hyperlinks
  • Headers, Footers and Images
  • Using the Accessibility Checker

Companion Section 508 Classes:


  • This class requires participants to have basic working knowledge of Microsoft Office.
  • In addition, participants should be familiar with requirements of Section 508.

Note that this class covers how Section 508 guidelines can be implemented using these applications. It does NOT cover the requirements of Section 508 nor provide guidance on making documents compliant. AcademyX is not, nor do we represent ourselves to be, experts on Section 508 compliance. Our training on the mechanics of implementing accessibility should not be construed as training on Section 508 compliance itself. It is each participant's responsibility to ensure their materials comply with all applicable requirements.