Social Media Marketing

Social Media is not just about conversation - it's also about marketing, buzz, and building your business. Whether you know nothing, just a little, or even a lot about Social Media, this class will empower you to leverage social media for marketing to its fullest potential.

Social Media marketing is all about building strong relationships between you and your customers. Business owners, marketers, and even non-profits should pay attention to this emerging marketing opportunity. AcademyX's Social Media Marketing training is an intensive overview to Social Media in all its aspects. You will leave this course understanding not only what Social Media is but also how you can deploy Social Media to the advantage of your business or organization. You will understand the Social Media universe from Twitter to Facebook to LinkedIn and beyond.

In our Social Media Marketing class, you'll learn how to:

Navigate the Social Media Universe

Web 1.0 was all about broadcast: you put up your website, and the world listened. Web 2.0 or Social Media is all about conversations and relationships. In any conversation or relationship, the first step is to learn how to listen and learn where the buzz is. Our class will overview the Social Media universe beginning with Facebook and LinkedIn, proceeding through Google Local and Twitter, and continuing on through Youtube, Instagram, SnapChat and other lesser but still important Social Media websites. Blogging is a key part of the Social Media universe, and you will be educated not only on what blogging is, but how to blog and how to blog effectively.

Build a Social Media Strategy Medium by Medium

Social Media is as unique as the conversation scene in your local chamber of commerce or business organization. Different groups are discussing different topics, each with its own cadence and each with its own business objectives. We will guide you thru -

  • Facebook - setting up a Facebook business page, building, how to advertise on Facebook and leveraging Facebook relationships for business.
  • LinkedIn - setting up LinkedIn, advertising in LinkedIn, how to create a job and encouraging employee / customer relationships via LinkedIn.
  • Local Search - optimizing Google Places (Google Local) for maximum visibility. Working with reviews and reviewers.
  • Blogs - setting up a good blog, using your Blog for SEO as well as customer outreach.
  • Youtube - setting up your Youtube account, uploading videos, and optimizing those videos for Google visibility.
  • Other Social Media Sites - lesser sites like Instagram, SnapChat, Pinterest and more.

Social Media Strategy

Your Social Media strategy should be part of your larger marketing strategy. Beyond explaining each major social media opportunity from account creation to content to monitoring, we will teach you how to strategically place Social Media within your Internet Marketing and your total marketing plan. For large companies, monitoring social media can be paramount. For smaller companies, social media is an opportunity to play on a level playing field. In all cases, we will help you situate social media within your concrete marketing goals.

We will not just Twitter for Twitter's sake, nor blog for blogging's sake. Rather at the end of the session you will leave with a concrete social media strategy and action plan -

  • Social Media goals vs. your marketing goals.
  • Using Social Media not just to talk but to listen (and learn) from your customers.
  • Leveraging Social Media as the Internet's word-of-mouth system.

Social Media Marketing are offered at four locations: