Tableau Training

Tableau is the leader in Gartner's magic quadrant for BI (Business Intelligence and Data Analytics). Get better insight into your data with our Tableau training.

In this Tableau training class, you will quickly get up to speed with the Tableau terminology and build a solid foundation to start leveraging the power of Tableau with hands on real-world projects. Throughout the course, you will pickup best practice tips about important features and the best use of those features in creating rich stories with data.


  • Experience with spreadsheets or databases

Tableau Terminology and User Interface

  • Understanding the Tableau Eco-System
  • Mastering the Tableau Desktop User Interface
  • Demystifying the Visual Cues and Icons

Data Preparation and Connections

  • Connecting to an Excel Data Source
  • Understanding the Data Elements - Dimensions and Measures
  • Structure, reshape, and clean data sets with the Data Intepreter
  • Preparing and ordering data with hierarchies, combined fields, and folders
  • Fine tuning data with splits
  • Organizing similar data with groups
  • Connecting to a MS Access Database
  • Creating joins to combine data from disparate data sets
  • Create and save data subsets with Data Extract
  • Refreshing Data Extract contents from original data source
  • Filtering and appending data to Data Extracts
  • Understanding and working with Tableau File Extension Types
  • Replace References to standardize column headers from multiple data sources

Visualization Basics

  • Tabular to Visual - build out a tabular view with visual options
  • Data formatting and working with Format Shading
  • Working with "Show Me"
  • Presenting data with Maps
  • Working with Filled Maps, Symbol Maps, and Cascading Map Filters
  • Understanding sorting options and sorting data
  • Filtering with Measures, Dimensions (categorical), and Date Dimensions
  • Working with Annotation (Mark, Area, and Captions)
  • Embedding the Caption in the ToolTip
  • Fine tuning data with multiple filters
  • Visualizing Discrete Time Series Data and Time Continuous Data
  • Date filtering Time Continuous and Time Discrete
  • Creating custom date data with Custom Dates
  • Create a dashboard to tell the whole story at a glance

Enhanced Visualization

  • Visualizing multiple measures with Combination Charts
  • Add richer value to visualizations with Reference Lines
  • Working with Scatter Plots and Confidence Bands
  • Create visualizations based on cusomized sets of data
  • Working with the Quick Table Calculation
  • Visualizing data with Histograms, Bar in Bar, and Box Plots
  • Working with Parameters to create custom visualizations based on dynamic values
  • Create Color Conditioned Tables
  • Blending data from multiple data sources on a single sheet
  • Visualizing Percent of Totals
  • Understanding chart junk and best practices to deal with noise

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