Tableau Advanced Training

AcademyX's Tableau Advanced training course is intended for Tableau users who are already familiar with Tableau concepts, i.e., the creation of calculated fields, all chart options, and the basics for connecting to data including extracts. By the end of this advanced course, you will be familiar with LOD (Level of Detail) expressions, finding meaningful clusters in your data, creating dashboards for different devices, creating territories on a map, geo-coded map data updates, and much more.


  • Tableau Fundamentals

Analytics Lessons Introduction

  • Profitability as a Percent of Totals
  • Scope and Control of Quick Table Calculations
  • Moving Averages
  • Parameters with Dynamic Measure
  • Parameters with Dynamic Reference Line
  • Parameters with Two Data Sources (Source 1 Excel)
  • Dashboard with Parameter using Two Data Sources
  • Bullet Chart (Budget vs. Actual)
  • Using Context with Top "N"
  • Best Practices when using Context Filters
  • Nested Top "N" Ranking
  • Nested Top "N" Complex
  • Pareto Charts
  • Box and Whisker Plots
  • Level of Detail (LOD)
  • LOD Side by Side
  • LOD Exclude

Advanced Content

  • Extracts In-depth
  • Extracts In-depth (Refresh Options)
  • Parameters with Case Statement
  • To Blend or DB Join
  • DateDiff Mapping
  • Dates - Reporting Periods
  • Co-Occurrence
  • Dashboard with Multiple Data Sources
    • Filtering Multiple Data Sources - Source A - 1st Worksheet
    • Filtering Multiple Data Sources Source A - 2nd Worksheet
    • Filtering Multiple Data Sources - Source B - 1st Worksheet
    • Filtering Multiple Data Sources Source B - 2nd Worksheet
    • Dashboard Filtered using Multiple Data Sourcest
  • Row Banding
  • Control Charts
  • Advnaced Mapping
  • Forecasting
  • Tableau Forecasting
  • Gantt

Dashboards (DB)

  • DB Overview
  • DB with Key Performance Indicators
  • Mapping for DB
  • Shipping Cost by Segment
  • Shipping Cost over Time Works
  • Order Detail Work
  • Detailed DB Creation using 2 to 4 visuals, Actions, Highlights, Containers and KPIs
  • DB with Navigation
  • Device Designer

Story Points

  • Creating Worksheets for Story
  • Starting of Story - Shipping Analysis Content
  • Adding Content and Captions
  • Adding KPI Content with Slider/Filter
  • Reordering Content

Bonus Charts

  • Water Fall Chart
  • Advanced Sets Lesson A
  • Advanced Sets Lesson B

Tableau Advanced training offered at three locations: