Time Management

Learn to prioritize projects among the changing and competing demands on your time. You will also gain an understanding of how your current workplace requires you to constantly retool to work strategically instead of working harder. This course will help you to focus on key practices for managing your time effectively. You will learn practical tools that can help you to better align your daily activities to accomplish your goals. Topics include:

  • Identify, remove or mitigate current barriers to managing time
  • Refine and adapt time management tools accurately to better prioritize tasks
  • Use system to manage incoming email optimally in the shortest time

The Psychology of Time Management

  • Time Management Barriers
  • The Myth of Multi-Tasking
  • Getting in the Flow State (Being in the Zone)
  • Mapping Activities to Our Natural Energy Cycles
  • Discover What Matters

Discover What Matters

  • Big Rocks: A Story about Priorities
  • Weekly Planning
  • Planning for Major Goals and Non-Negotiables (email, travel, etc.)

Daily Planning

  • The Science of Daily Planning
  • 3-Step Method for Daily Planning
  • Keep Track of What You Need to Do
  • Estimate Time Accurately
  • Prioritize Effectively
  • Blocking Calendar Time
  • What to do When "Something Comes Up"

Mastering Workflow

  • Avoiding Other People's Urgency
  • How to Say "No" Professionally
  • Outlook and Email: Tools / Tricks / Techniques