Visio Introduction Training

When it comes to communication in the workplace, visual diagrams play an important role in communication. From flowcharts to sales flows, mapping out a process or procedure can help an organization function more efficiently. Visio provides users with an arsenal of drawing tools and stencils to create these diagrams and charts. This Visio Intro training at AcademyX will enable you to create professional-looking, visually engaging diagrams, maps, and drawings to make information and procedures easier to understand. This class is targeted at individuals looking to utilize organizational charts, flowcharts, and swim lanes to create basic workflows and diagrams.


  • Basic understanding of Microsoft Windows

Navigating the Visio Interface with Ease

  • Understand Visio terminology
  • Locate and understand various groups and features on the Ribbon
  • Master keyboard shortcuts and the Quick Access Toolbar

Working with Drawing Tools in Visio

  • Work with basic shape and lines
  • Understand the principles of vector graphics
  • Manipulate and modify lines and objects
  • Position objects using Visio's built in alignment functions

Creating a Basic Diagram

  • Brainstorm and plan your first diagram in Visio
  • Utilize AutoConnect to create a basic flowchart
  • If time permits, allude to swim lanes and other cross-functional tools
  • Setup an Organization Chart to map out the positions in a company

Formatting and Printing a Diagram

  • Format Text, Shapes and Lines
  • Work with pages and links
  • Print with ease using helpful tips and tricks

Building a Network and Brainstorming Diagram

  • Layout a simple Network Diagram
  • Plan out a project using a Brainstorming Diagram

Customizing the Visio Environment and Generating Reports

  • Take advantage of time-efficient layouts and connection techniques
  • Modify shape properties to suit your company needs
  • Generate reports to summarize your diagrams

Microsoft Visio classes are offered at four locations: