Word Advanced Course

Our Advanced Microsoft Word course will empower you to take Word beyond basic word processing to its full potential as one of your main productivity tools. Building on our Word Introduction and Intermediate training, the Advanced class will broaden your understanding of sophisticated tools and techniques for dealing with long documents, creating fillable forms, and tracking changes for collaboration, and much more.


  • strong understanding of Microsoft Windows file management
  • the concepts of right-clicking and object property selection
  • successful completion of Microsoft Word Intermediate class or equivalent experience using styles, sections, columns, and pages.

Creating Forms in Microsoft Word

Word's Forms feature is great for when you need to collect information or data from your customers or employees. With Word, you can easily develop forms that users can access and complete as PDF files, online, or in Word. In this section of the advanced Word training class, we will go over how to:

  • Navigate the different parts of a form
  • Create your own labels for form fields
  • Make it easy on your users with drop-down lists and date controls
  • Protect your form and control who can make changes
  • Ensure professional-level quality with Word's Compatibility Checker and Document Inspector
  • Publish your form as either a PDF or XMS file
  • Add security with digital signatures

Working With Long Documents

Word is for more than just memos. You can use Word to create large documents, like technical manuals, quarterly reports, operating procedures - or that novel you've always wanted to write! We'll show you how to use the multiple tools Word offers to help you organize, navigate, and manage larger documents with ease. You will leave the advanced Word training knowing how to:

  • Organize your content with a master document and subdocuments
  • Easily insert and delete subdocuments and cover pages
  • Add and edit a table of contents with confidence
  • Give your images and illustrations added clarity with captions
  • Use Word's automated tools for adding indexes, citations, or bibliographies
  • Apply and manage footnotes, endnotes, bookmarks, and cross-references
  • Create and modify a web frame

Collaborating on Documents by Tracking Changes and Comparing Changes with Colleagues

Working with Microsoft Word makes it very easy to collaborate with your colleagues. Proofread with ease by tracking changes made by each contributor. You will be able to merge recommendations, add comments, reject suggestions, and view the document at different draft stages. You will specifically touch on:

  • Personalize your document by updating User Information
  • Share a document with your colleagues
  • Compare document Changes using the Track Changes feature in Word
  • Review a document for publication or distribution
  • Merge changes with other colleagues into a single document
  • Coauthor your documents with others to centralize the changes

Securing a Document for Distribution and Sharing

When collaborating with other individuals both internal and external to your company, you will want to control what end-users will see and edit. This section of the class covers how to secure your documents/forms for sharing and distribution. This lesson focuses on teaching these topics:

  • Suppress sensitive information and control what end-users will see
  • Control formatting and editing permissions
  • Include a digital signature to professionalize your document

Word courses are offered at four locations: