Word Intro Training

Microsoft Word still reigns as the world's most popular word processor. Our Microsoft Word classes at AcademyX have been designed to help you build skill and proficiency in Word by providing you with a wealth of sophisticated techniques.


  • A strong understanding of Microsoft Windows file management
  • Familiarity with the concepts of right-clicking and object property selection

Getting Started in MS Word

Right off the bat, you'll learn where to find all the tools and features of MS Word. By practicing using the program's new ribbon groups and tabs, and galleries and themes, you'll learn how to create, edit, format and print documents in the new environment. This section of the Word introductory training will enable you to:

  • Learn the differences between MS Word documents with .doc, .docx, .xps, .docm or .dotx extensions.
  • Create documents from scratch or using Word's templates
  • Recover crashed documents with the AutoRecover tool

Navigation and Selection Techniques

Continue your voyage of discovery by exploring Word's brand-new navigation system. Your AcademyX trainer will make sure you can quickly and easily find your way around Word documents. After taking this Intro Word training class, you'll know the best way to:

  • Find and open documents and view them in a split screen or any level of magnification
  • Work in any "View" of a document, including Print, Full Screen Reading and Outline views

Editing Text in MS Word

MS Word makes it easy to change or enhance text after you've written it. This portion of your AcademyX course will let you practice using Word's convenient editing tools to:

  • Insert and delete text, the date and time, symbols, and special characters - from foreign currencies to dashes
  • Use the Undo and Redo commands to compare or correct various versions of what you have written - even after you have saved a specific version
  • Rearrange any sections of text in the document using shortcuts for Cut, Copy and Paste

Formatting Text in MS Word

Word's choices of character formats and styles are virtually endless. You can experiment with different fonts, sizes, and colors, and apply many attractive stylistic devices to give your text pizzazz. In this part of the AcademyX's Word Introductory training, you'll learn how to:

  • Apply character formats using font tools, the toolbar, the repeat command and the Format Painter
  • Control every aspect of paragraph formatting, including alignment, borders, shading, indents and spacing around and within paragraphs
  • Use the AutoFormat tool to save your favorite formatting options for future use

Word Tables

Some types of information look best in a table. MS Word's new table features make it easy to set up, insert and modify tables and to format them with as many choices as you have for regular text. Specifically, this part of the Word training will teach you how to:

  • Create tables from scratch or from existing text
  • Convert text to tables and vice versa
  • Format characters and paragraphs within tables
  • Add or delete table columns or rows or entire tables
  • Change the width of a table column and align tables on the page

Page Layout in Word

For most professional documents, you'll need to include headers or footers that display indentifying information, like your company name, and logo, or the document's title and current page number. With MS Word, it is easier than ever to add plain or stylized headers and footers. After this part of the training, you will be able to take advantage of Word's handy page layout features to:

  • Create, edit and add headers, footers and page numbers to your document
  • Set and adjust page margins or use one of Word's many preset margin options
  • Define your document's orientation (portrait or landscape), vertical text alignment and line and page breaks

Proofing and Printing Documents in Word

MS Word lets you finalize and polish your documents before you print them. You can spell-check your documents, use a thesaurus to find just the right word, and preview what your documents will look like printed out. Then you can make last-minute changes to make sure that your documents are error- free and formatted just the way you want them.

  • Check spelling and grammar as you type and use different MS Word dictionaries
  • Let MS Word's thesaurus find appropriate synonyms and antonyms
  • Find and replace any content, from a single character to the entire document
  • Preview a document and set print options before you send it to the printer


Graphics add visual flair to text-heavy documents. They're great for illustrating ideas in your text as well as holding your audience's attention. Whether it's a drawing, a photo, clip art, a diagram, or a calendar, MS Word makes it easy to insert graphics into your documents. In this last section of the Word training class, complete your mastery of Word basics by learning how to:

  • Insert graphics and clip art from a file on your computer
  • Resize, rotate and crop graphics to fit in well with the rest of your content

Word training is offered online and at these locations: