Customized Training in Advanced IT Topics

Java & JVM Programming C/C++ Programming Cloud Computing & Big Data High Performance Computing Methodology/Process
One Day Java Jump Start for C++ Programmers
Java SE7 Programming I
Java SE7 Programming II
Java SE7 Programming III
Java SE8 Preview
High Performance Java Programming
Building applications with Java EE6 on JBoss
Building applications with Java Servlets and JSP on Tomcat
Building Java EE6 Web Profile applications on TomEE
Building applications with Java EE6 and Geronimo
Building Rich Application Interfaces with JavaFX
Developing Secure Java Applications
Spring Application Development
Spring MVC Programming
Spring Web Flow Programming
Spring 3 for Spring Programmers
Spring Security Programming
Scala Programming
Clojure Programming
C++ Programming I
C++ Programming II
C++ Programming III
C++11 for C++ Programmers
The C++11 Standard Library
Cross Platform C++ Programming with QT
C Programming I
C Programming II
C Programming III
C11 for C Programmers
Linux Systems Programming with C/C++
Windows Systems Programming in C/C++
Security Programming with C++, GSSAPI and Kerberos (including ActiveDirectory)
Cross platform network programming with Sockets in C/C++
High Concurrancy/Low Latency Programming in C++11
Amazon Web Services I
Amazon Web Services - Building Appliations
Amazon Elastic Map Reduce and DynamoDB
RackSpace OpenStack I
RackSpace OpenStack - Building Applications
Google App Engine
Data Science Introduction
Cloud Based Application Architecture
Big Data Architecture and Design
Hadoop I
Hadoop Programming in Java
Hadoop Programming in Python
Hadoop Hive & Pig
Apache HBase
R Programming
Building C++ Extensions for R
Intensive MySQL DBA w/ Replication and Clustering
Building Event Driven Services with Node.js
Building Enterprise Front Ends with HTML5 and JavaScript
Building Scalable Services with Apache Thrift [Hands on with C, C++, C#, Java, Node.js or Python]
Programming with Google Protocol Buffers
Building High Performance Messaging Applications with AMQP
Programming with ZeroMQ
Building HPC Applications with MPI in C++
Building HPC Applications with MPI in Python
Cuda Programming with C++
OpenCL Programming
High Concurrency/Low Latency Programming in C++11
High Performance Java Programming
Low Latency Systems Architecture and Design
The Kanban Agile Development Process
Systems Analysis and Design with UML
Agile Development Process Overview
Continuous Integration
Software Refactoring
Agile Software Development
Functional Programming [Hands on with Scala, Haskell, OCaml or F#]
Agile Development with Scrum
Test Driven Development

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