Examples of Customized Training

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Following is a list of case histories where AcademyX trainers taught customized classes onsite for companies.

An AcademyX instructor conducted six half-day workshops in XML, DTDs, and XSL to help HP employees manage HTML and XML help-files associated with its products. The audience included developers with XML experience as well as HTML web designers.

Subcontracted by another training company, an AcademyX instructor conducted multiple two--day Perl workshops for Yahoo! developers. This intensive course covered not only basic concepts of Perl such as syntax and data types, but also the integration of Perl CGI scripts with the Apache web server, and related Apache configuration options.

Bank of America
AcademyX designed one- and two-day workshops in Cascading Style Sheets and Accessibility for various groups of web developers in locations across the United States. Special emphasis was given to accommodating Bank of America's existing styles on its public web site.

Social Security Administration
AcademyX designed several workshops in XML, Perl, and JavaScript for different groups of SSA employees to help manage individual components of the SSA intranet. Skill levels ranged from little or no programming to accomplished ASP/VB programmers.

Wells Fargo
An AcademyX instructor consulted with Wells Fargo employees in the design and implementation of a project to allow WF managers to keep track of their ongoing marketing projects. Technologies used included Perl, PHP, and Oracle. The instructor created an initial structure and sample scripts to:

  • modularize a connection to the database
  • manage session activity and authentication
  • download recordsets as Excel files, and
  • run web-launched Perl scripts as batch processes in the background without timing out

Subcontracted by another training company, an AcademyX instructor conducted a three-day XML workshop for this circuitry and software company. Topics included XML, HTML, CSS, DTDs, namespaces, schemas, XSL, SAX, and the MSXML parser.

Twelve Vodafone employees, including Java programmers and software architects, attended a one-day advanced training workshop in the XML Schema Language. The workshop was designed to prepare the students for SOAP messaging requirements.

Pacific Gas and Electric
Approximately a quarter of this utility's IT staff attended an XML workshop at AcademyX. They learned how to design Document Type Definitions (DTDs), check the validity of XML documents, and create XML documents that adhered to various DTDs.

Molecular Design Limited
Subcontracted by Mentor Training, an AcademyX instructor conducted three one-day workshops in Perl for this biotech software company. Topics ranged from basic syntax and functions to data structures and database integration.

USDA Forest Service
Scientists and web maintenance staff from this government agency attended a workshop in XML which showed them how to take advantage of this technology in their data gathering and sharing.

Pacific Bell
Four members of a Pacbell team received four days of intensive training in Active Server Pages in VBScript with Visual Interdev. The goal was to enable them to create an intranet site devoted to tracking changes to DSL provisioning software in a SQL Server database. The training included basic ASP concepts, Visual Interdev tips, and advanced database integration with a relational database using joined tables. The instructor gave examples and explanations of code that would typically be used for parts of the site, including database record navigation, summary-detail pages, validated session logins, and insert/delete/update functionality.

Macromedia (now Adobe)
The technical support division of Macromedia needed training in advanced ASP and SQL Server to better support their UltraDev customers. AcademyX developed an intensive one-day customized training course for a group of 30 tech support employees. Among the topics covered were:

  • Creating SQL Server databases, tables, user logins and roles
  • Creating stored procedures and views
  • Executing SQL and retrieving recordsets from within an ASP
  • Invoking stored procedures and outputting recordsets from an ASP
  • Creating COM objects using Visual Basic and integrating them with ASP

ZDNET   (Ziff Davis)
The members of the developer team for this online news and technology site were given a two-day customized training session in Perl for Unix. The developers were already experienced in Tcl (Tool Command Language), and quickly advanced from basic concepts to advanced data structures and Perl-specific features.

Heller, Ehrman, McAuliffe & White
The developer and system administration department of this large law firm received a 3-day intensive course in client- and server-side XML. The course was taught partly onsite and partly in our downtown classroom, and was custom-tailored to address their particular requirements regarding the potential applications of XML in the legal profession.

This company is a trusted partner to the world’s leading retailers and advertisers, delivering compelling in-store media experiences to more than 210,000 screens in over 6,400 retail locations worldwide. They contracted with AcademyX to train their development staff in Perl for Win32. Their employees wished to learn automated scripting processes used on the many computers they administer in their clients' retail locations. This 2-day intensive class covered everything from basic Perl syntax to pattern matching, creating components, connecting to databases using DBD/DBI, programmatically querying the Windows registry, opening sockets to other web servers, and object-oriented features of the language.

This company was interested in incorporating Active Server Pages into the portal sites it develops for its clients. They contracted with us to provide a day-long intensive course in ASP for their web development team. The class covered a variety of topics from simple programming concepts to complex ASP features such as database transactions, session and application variables, and component installations.

Canadian Trade Consulate
This organization was looking for the easiest way to administer a 100+ page web site. AcademyX trained their employees in modifying their site and its user-level permissions using Dreamweaver and their ISP's proprietary web-based administration gateway.

An AcademyX staff member had written a major portion of Visa's internal fraud management web site, including several administrative tools specific to the site. We were asked to demonstrate the system to a group of Visa employees and to train them in the administration of the site. Not only were they pleased with the site's functionality, but they left with a clear understanding of how to change the pages of that part of their intranet.