Excel Lookups, Functions, and Macros - Los Angeles

Macros, collaboration, security are the foundations of this advanced Excel class. You will learn about different scenarios and how to use what if analysis. Advanced functions and much more are also covered:

  • Using IF, SUMIF, and COUNTIF to process data based on rules
  • Using the VLOOKUP, INDEX and MATCH functions to find data in related worksheets
  • Auditing: how to find errors using tracing, IFERROR, and other functions
  • Defining arrays and using array functions to work with groups of data
  • Advanced functions for manipulating dates, times, text
  • Statistical and financial functions
  • Importing external data from the web
  • Scenarios using goal seek, scenario manager and input data tables
  • Using the Analysis Toolpack for correlations and histograms
  • Recording and replaying macros and basic VBA code
  • Creating a form with buttons to add interactivity to your spreadsheet

Excel Lookups, Functions, and Macros Training Reviews:

Rated 4.7/5 based on 68 student reviews.

Very strong. Would like to seek additional training for some of the basics. Good teaching style - good format, good info.
- , Self Employed, Los Angeles

Trainer took the time to understand what was important to learn for the students in order to apply to their current positions which was extremely helpful.
- , Deluxe 3D, Burbank

The class was very informative and helpful.
- , AWI/iMobile, Los Angeles

Great! So much useful information and great tips.
- , Musicians Institute, Los Angeles

I enjoyed the day of training.
- , Salesforce.com, Long Beach

Instructor was very knowledgeable and explained things very clearly,
- , Manatt, Phelps, and Phillips, Los Angeles

Excellent and interesting. I think I will use the information I learned.
- , California Community Foundation, Los Angeles

The class was very helpful.
- , California Community Foundation, Los Angeles

* Note: This class description is for our Excel course in downtown Los Angeles. We also offer the same excel course in San Diego, San Jose, Sacramento and San Francisco.