Excel Training - Los Angeles

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Our Intro to Excel class will familiarize you with modifying, creating, printing and formatting worksheets. You will learn formulas for calculations and functions to help automate tasks. This training will cover:

  • Spreadsheet basic concepts
  • Navigating the Excel interface
  • Creating new files and opening existing ones
  • Entering and editing data
  • Modifying rows and columns within worksheets
  • Defining formulas referencing specific cells/li>
  • Absolute vs. relative references
  • Using common functions
  • Changing the look of the text, cells, and layout
  • How to print and share the Excel workbook
  • Basic charts
  • Using templates and other settings

* Note: This class description is for introductory Excel training in Los Angeles. We also offer Excel training in Los Angeles Sacramento, San Diego, San Jose, and San Francisco.