Excel VBA Training - Los Angeles

Using VBA within Excel will allow you to automate many of the frequent tasks that you perform using Excel as well as create applications that interact with your users. In this class Excel VBA class, you will learn to:

  • Record and edit macros that contain VBA code
  • Adhere to the syntax rules of the language
  • Comment your code appropriately so that you and others can understand it later
  • Create variables to store numbers and text in your programs
  • Use the VBA Object Browser to identify the important parts of your spreadsheet
  • Change properties of items in your spreadsheet: formatting, values, and behavior
  • Launch actions associated with particular objects in the spreadsheet
  • Set up decision structures (if this is true, then do that)
  • Set up loops (do something over and over again as long as something else is true)
  • Create your own functions to modularize your code
  • Pop up alerts using built-in dialog boxes
  • Get user input with custom dialog boxes
  • Work with user inputted values

* Note: This class description is for Excel VBA training in Los Angeles. We also offer Excel VBA training in San Diego, Sacramento, San Jose, and San Francisco.