HTML/CSS Training - Los Angeles

Engaging websites with stylish designs and interactive elements rely upon the underpinning of standards-compliant HTML and CSS. In this class we train you on how to build web sites composed of individual pages linked together, with content structured by HTML and designed attractively with CSS. The training takes you step by step through the techniques that trade professionals use to craft web pages, so that by the end of our HTML/CSS training in Los Angeles you will be able to:

  • Visualize the relationship between browsers, HTML, CSS, and web pages
  • Divide your page into headings and paragraphs
  • Places images on your web pages
  • Link between pages to create a navigable site
  • Create bulleted and numbered lists
  • Set up tables to display data
  • Design forms with input fields, radio buttons, and dropdowns -- and process user inputted data
  • Understand the different ways of incorporating CSS styles into your web site
  • Apply CSS styles to different elements on your page to implement bolding, italicization, color, and font sizes
  • Get custom fonts from the web

HTML/CSS Training Reviews:

4.5/5 review stars
Rated 4.8/5 based on 17 student reviews.

"Excellent!! Very thorough.
- Student, HTML Training Los Angeles

"I really learned a lot, the training was at my pace. It was great that the class was small that way I got the attention I needed and was able to ask the questions I needed. I really feel like I can go home and start building webpages already."
- Student, HTML Training Los Angeles

* Note: This class description is for HTML Fundamentals training in Los Angeles. We also offer HTML Fundamentals training in San Diego, Sacramento, San Jose, and San Francisco.