Illustrator Training:
LA Classroom or Online

Adobe Illustrator is the industry standard software for creating vector graphics: shapes connected by lines and curved paths, such as logos, infographics, diagrams, and complex illustrations. Adobe Illustrator is often used as one part of the larger design workflow, often incorporating other applications within Adobe Creative Cloud.


Illustrator Fundamentals

This class will go through several real world projects to immerse you in the world of Adobe Illustrator. You will be taught workflow, and learn how to create logos, brochures, infographics and more. The training is focused on individuals in both the design and marketing industries.

  • Getting Started
  • Working with Type
  • Shape Tools and Drawing Tools
  • Precise Drawing
  • Drawing Exercise
  • Symmetrical Drawing
  • Managing Colors in Artwork
  • Tracing Images, Live Paint and Art Brushes
  • Using Symbols
  • Using 3D Effects
  • Gradients and Blends
  • Masking
  • and much more! See full outline for Illustrator training
Price:  $1195 for 19.5 hours.
In-Person Training:
        No classes scheduled. Get a quote for private training.

Illustrator Advanced

For more advanced techniques to increase your productivity and take your graphic designs to the next level, you will want to take our Adobe Illustrator Advanced class. Now that you have the fundamentals down, step up your productivity with real-world hands on lessons that will teach you all skills you need to effectively produce high quality graphics. In this project-based course you will learn:

  • Illustration of Color Inked & Scanned Images
  • Illustration of Black & White Designs
  • Seamless Repeating Pattern Creation
  • Logo Design Techniques
  • Creating Intricate Designs
  • Converting Images to Vector Artwork
  • Creating Designs with Typography
  • and much more! See full outline for Illustrator Advanced training
Price:  $895 for 19.5 hours.
In-Person Training:
        No classes scheduled. Get a quote for private training.

Adobe Illustrator Training Reviews:

4.5/5 review stars
Rated 4.4/5 based on 36 student reviews.

It was great. I feel really confident in my skills.
- Alison Lee, Los Angeles

Wow! A lot to learn. The class wasn't boring at all, very hands-on and user friendly!
- Erica Bell, Dotta Foods International, Palos Verdes

Very nice class! The instructor gave us very clear directions. He did not mind explaining the same thing over and over again. Thank you so much.
- Reiko Miyake, TM International, Camarillo

Wonderful! Instructor was knowledgeable, personable, and fun to work with!
- Raymond, American Red Cross, Los Angeles

It was great to have such a small class. Instructor was such a help!
- Julia Perez, The Hollywood Roosevelt, Los Angeles

Brilliant instructor, loved the class, very thorough, learned so much!
- Aimee, Culver City

It was good. Great instructor and was very helpful.
- Spencer Mow, Los Angeles

Very informative! I definitely got the knowledge I was seeking... and then some! I'm looking forward to exploring more Academy X courses.
- Jenson Nelson, Los Angeles