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Google's mobile operating system, Android, is the most widely adopted, now with over 1.6 million users worldwide and, as a result, industry demand for proficient Android developers is surging. AcademyX's Android Development training in Los Angeles will help you master the critical skills to code, test and publish powerful Android applications. Our instructors have years of software programming and mobile application development experience, in order to provide practical, hands-on training which will enable you to build sophisticated applications around the needs of Android users. Upon course completion, you will be able to:

  • Build advanced Android applications, with highly-intuitive interfaces and interactive forms.
  • Draw on Android Studio IDE's powerful capabilities.
  • Create "widgets" which offer users limited access to an application through the home screen.
  • Develop scalable applications with resources, which separate an application's underlying code from its content.
  • Master the use of activities and services for smooth user interactions and unobtrusive background processes.
  • Listen for system notifications and announcements from other applications with broadcast receivers.
  • Enable communication and communication between application processes and applications by using intents.
  • Use Content Providers to share data between multiple Android apps.
  • Create a map-based application which accesses the user's location and heading.
  • Tie applications into Android's SensorManager to respond to the physical movement, acceleration and rotation or the device.
  • Enable users to take digital photographs from an application, and view them within the same interface.
  • Allow an application to request access to the device's phone in order to place a call from within the app.
  • Learn to use key Android development tools for testing and debugging applications.
  • Gain exposure to the process of publishing applications on the Android market for global distribution.
  • and many more topics... See full outline for Android Programming and Development training.

Android Programming Training Reviews:

Rated 4/5 based on 11 student reviews.

"Very good. I found the training very easy to follow, and hope to make use of it in the near future."
- , Blackboard Connect

"Great class. Learned a lot and enjoyed the experience."
- , Android Training Los Angeles

"Excellent training."
- , CSAA

Definitely a lot of information to pack into one week. But there was a good amount of general and foundation info to get started with. I think I have sufficient info about the android programming environment to make significant progress in development.
- , Edelbrock, Torrance

For a week-long course, the training was a good amount at a good pace. Class wasn't too hard and it's nice being in a small class.
- , Los Angeles

* Note: This class description is for Android Development training in LA. We also offer Android training in San Jose, Sacramento, and San Francisco.